A book of Conway Stewart numbers - page 9

Gold plated & overlay Silver overlay Universal International Conway The Dandy Pen Dinkie Dinkie M Conway Stewart The Pixie
CS Germany Shorthand Italic The Conway Stewart Constable The "Bi-pen" The York Pen Conway Scribe Scribe felt marker Ink Marker
Fybriter 080 and 081 VIP Scholar set Student Set Consort Set Academy College Executive Graduate
Dainty Cartridge pens Ball-pens President Custom

No numbers

Gold plated and overlay (possibly numbers 175, 275 & 775 with numbers not imprinted or hidden beneath the overlay).


      Gold plated Dinkie CS nib, straight lever, no clip, flat top
      Gold plated gothic pattern, cap reading Conway Stewart, CS nib
      Dinkie size with rolled gold overlay, chased pattern of lined rectangles, shallow domed top, no clip, CS lever & nib
      Gold Plated Dinkie, chased pattern, no clip, CS lever. Conway Stewart London imprinted on top and on barrel.
      Gold plated Dinkie Ring top.
      Gold plated Dinkie, alternating lined and plain overlay on black Vulcanite with bottom and top below section of barrel exposed, lollipop lever, flat top no clip


      Gold plated Fixed clip flange lever. Length: 11.2 cm; barrel plus section 8.5 cm.
      Gold plated Dandy? flange lever, domed top, No.5 nib
      Fully covered alternating 'pierrot' and plain overlay, flange lever, flat top no clip

Full size

     Gold plated 9ct lever filler, fixed clip, alternating line & plain design 1931
      Gold plated gothic design on cap & barrel. 1930s
      Gold plated, flange lever , 1930, fixed ball clip
      Gold plated lever, ball clip, Conway Stewart London, (top)
      Gold plated large, early style filler and clip, domed top to cap
      Gold plated (RG) dated 1934, signed Conway Stewart London on barrel and cap of fully covered line & plain panel design, lollipop lever, black barrel end & section
      Gold plated with propeller logo on lever. Lever and fixed diamond clip placed low-down. Very thin.
      Gold plated lever filler, washer clip, barrel & cap marked Conway Stewart 18ct RG 10 years. Alternating panels of plain & engine turned design. Nib CS5A.
      Gold plated, thin engraved Conway Stewart between barrel and section
      Gold plated overlay on barrel of Mottled Vulcanite, 2 proud bands on cap, fixed clip missing, domed top, flange lever, Nib CS5.
      Gold plated 18ct overlay on barrel of Black Vulcanite and on cap. No clip, straight lever. Early.
      Gold plated, flange lever filler gothic
      Filigree overlay on black Vulcanite barrel, gold plated cap (mid-size) Gold filigree on black Vulcanite. Black blind cap and section. Early CS nib, no clip, hallmarked 1920
      Gold plated filigree overlay (seems to be identical to the above model).
      Solid gold overlay (9ct) on cap and barrel. Black Vulcanite top, section and ends of barrel. Straight lever, concave section, raised thread. Probably early '20s, but later washer clip indicating modification.
      Solid gold overlay (9ct) Hallmarked 1923. As above but with gold top and no clip.
      Gold plated Clip similar to Conway 70 pencil. Lever CS lollipop. Bands consisting of blue x x x on both cap and barrel.

Silver overlay


      Silver Dinkie, Conway Stewart on cap & barrel, no clip, WJA hallmark
      Silver Dinkie Overlay on cap & barrel. Shallow domed top, warranted nib & WJA hallmark. No makers logo on lever.

Full size

      Silver filigree overlay eye dropper 1914, no clip, (speculatively CS)
      Silver filigree overlay, lever, 1922, no clip
      Silver filigree, jewelers half-overlay, Fixed ball clip, flange lever, 1 broad 9ct band
      Silver filigree, Jewelers half overlay, fixed ball clip
      Silver lever filler, signed on cap & barrel, ball washer clip, CS nib round logo on lever
      Silver (size 475) ball clip, engraved Conway Stewart London above cap lip, and just above chasing at section end of barrel. Silversmith WJA, hallmarked London 1934

The Universal Pen: Dimensions - length: 11.1 cm; section+barrel : 8.5cm; cap: 5.5cm. No band

      Marbled raspberry/black veins (see Brunswick) Flat-top, ball clip, no band, CPT
      Chased black
      Luminous dark blue/black marble, diamond clip, no bands CPT
      Mottled Vulcanite, lever with large shield, no clip, 1 medium band, nib 3N


      Black CPT

The Conway Pen

      Chased black, domed top, ball clip, no shield on lever.

The Dandy Pen (no number): nib CS 3. Dimensions - length: 11cm; barrel+section: 8.5cm; cap: 5.2cm.

      Black Vulcanite, no band, no clip, peaked top, round shield on lever
      Mottled Vulcanite, ring-top, 1 wide band at top of cap. lollipop lever

Dinkie (no number): straight lever, section concave, no clip, early CS nib.

One wide band on cap

      Deep green with black longitudinal lines (set with DP pencil)
      Black Vulcanite (8.75cm)
      Blue - 7.6 cm
      Light blue

2 wide bands on barrel

      Chased black (incision around cap near lip)

No band, nearly flat-top, incised groove around cap near lip. Dimensions - length: 9.2cm; barrel+section: 7.2cm; cap: 3.9cm.

      Salmon pink
      Chased black
      Royal blue
      Mandarin yellow

No band, nearly flat-top, incised groove on cap near lip, lever with large shield. Dimensions - length: 11.9cm; barrel+section: 9.7cm; cap: 4.1cm.


Ring-top, 1 wide band at top, lever with large shield

     White/light green toothpaste

Dinkie M (as above)

     Mottled Vulcanite

Conway Stewart: Conway Stewart: Conway Stewart UK engraved on straight clip.

Flowline (1972) Nylon tipped (??) nibs.

      Red, black plus transparent section, red plastic stud, rounded bottom, piston filler, flowline steel nib.
      Green, as above
      Blue, as above
      (The above pens are sold in sets with ball point pens with chrome bands)
      Yellow, CPT, 1 medium band, steel studs top & bottom, brass flowline medium nib
      Red, Identical to above but glass filler cartridge instead of pressac filler
      Red barrel & section, chrome cap, flowline medium steel nib

Smoothline: Nib Smoothline USA Conway Stewart imprint on barrel.

      Khaki-olive green, steel top stud, plastic bottom stud, 1 medium band

Conway Stewart Stainless steel Flighter type (1970s), Made in Germany

      Flighter Straight clip imprinted Conway Stewart Germany, pull-off cap, long black tapered section, nib partly shielded.
      Flighter Ball point. Straight clip imprinted Conway Stewart Germany, press-in press-out plunger, straight barrel.
      Flighter Ball point. Somewhat similar to above but colour coded half way down barrel.
      Black cap, orange section & barrel. Straight clip imprinted Conway Stewart Germany, slip cap.

Conway Stewart Conway Stewart engraved around CP cap near rim. Clip fixed & straight. CP pressure band, self-colour tapered section, semi-hooded nib.

      Pastel green

Conway Stewart: Maxi super ball point.

      Steel with black top. Conway Stewart engraved around barrel Set with pencil.

Conway Stewart UK. Length: 10.6 cm.

      Octagonal ultra thin, GP? or brass ball point pen and pencil set in box

The Pixie Dimensions - length: 13.4cm; barrel+section: 10cm; cap: 6cm.

      Chased black, (c1932), no clip no bands.
      Chased black no clip, 1 band.
      Chased black, ring-top cap with medium band near lip. Flange lever, large shield
      Mottle hard rubber, self filling stylo (c1920)

Conway Stewart Shorthand (1958-? SH) wide band, diamond clip, green metal stud, nib CS shorthand. Dimensions - length: 13.5cm; barrel+section: 10.4cm; cap: 6.6cm. . (WES No. 50 '97) (Original price 20/-)

      Blue herringbone
      Red herringbone
      Green herringbone

Conway Shorthand: (1960s), Pressac filler, pull-off cap, green clip stud, medium band, self-colour section, metal clutch ring, nib CS Shorthand 3L. Identical to 106 and sometimes boxed together.

      Teal blue

Conway Stewart Italic (1958-? SH) wide knurled band, diamond clip, blue metal stud, nib CS italic 5 Dimensions - length: 13.5cm; barrel+section: 10.4cm; cap: 6.6cm. (WES No. 50 '97) (Original price 30/-). (Also black Italic with 51 inserted above imprint. Possibly original number for export model, but more likely added. Ebay Oct '00).

      Red herringbone
      Green herringbone
      Blue herringbone

Conway Stewart Cartridge pen: Steel top, straight clip.

      Black barrel ( in plastic package Australia)
      Duck-egg blue barrel

Conway Stewart Silver Top: (1960s) Ball-Point pen, chrome top, colored barrel. Push button action


The Conway Stewart: Similar to Duro 20, flat top, diamond clip, CS nib, BF; Dimensions - length: 13.2 cm; section+barrel : 10.3cm; cap: 6.1cm.

      Marbled plum/black

The Conway Stewart (Stylo) bandless in plain and herringbone (c1959 SH)

The Conway Stewart

      Desk-set. Black, Amber base and tail-piece, round shield on lever, screw-in holder

The Conway Stewart : Similar to 800 Ink Visible. PF flat-top, 1 band. Dimensions - length: 12.7cm; barrel+section: 10.5cm; cap: 5.5cm.

      Black "ink-visible" PF, flat-top, diamond clip, 1 band (similar to 800 but cap shorter & entire barrel with "hatched" pattern)
      Blue hatched

Conway Stewart Co. Ltd. London Eng. (pre 1917) Dimensions - length: 13.3 cm; section+barrel : 10.6cm; cap: 6.0cm.

      Black Vulcanite, Imprint as above on cap only. Fixed ball clip without logo, straight lever with spatula tip, warranted nib, no band but circular groove near rim of cap. Concave section, torpedo feed. Imprint on cap: CONWAY STEWART & Co. Ltd (first line); LONDON, ENG. (2nd line). (Probably made in USA for Conway Stewart - no British-made pens would be imprinted with "Eng." Instead of "Made in England".)
      Chased black Vulcanite. As above but with Conway Stewart & Co. also engraved on clip. Lever straight. Original feed and nib missing. Warranted nib and CS feed added. Provenance the USA? Note: apart from the above differences these two pens are identical and were clearly made by the same manufacturer. The chased pen looks mint and probably never had a feed and nib. The imprint font is NOT that employed later by Conway Stewart.

The Conway Stewart (1930s) Fixed ball clip, flange lever, domed 5-knurl top, wide 9ct band. Nib CS6. Dimensions - length: 13.2 cm; section+barrel : 10.6cm; cap: 6. cm. (Possibly the pen used in sets No's 90 and 96)


The Conway Stewart (1920's): No clip, no band, cap groove 0.5cm from cap lip. Barrel thread proud, concave section. Thread raised. Straight lever. Very short model, so short that imprint only just fits on the barrel. Dimensions - Length: 11cm; barrel + section: 8.8cm; cap: 5.4cm.

      Black vulcanite


     Black/chrome lever

The "Bi-pen"

      Early black chased combined pen/pencil. Imprinted "Plus Four". Possibly not the Bi-pen. Another picture
      Here's the real Bi-pen and its IMPRINT.

The York Pen

     Chased black, slightly domed top, fixed clip, no band, lever with large shield, (c1927)

Conway Scribe (1962-? SH), steel scribe italic nib, self colour section & cap, diamond clip. Dimensions - length: 13.4cm; barrel+section: 10cm; cap: 6.1cm.

      Olive green
      Pastel green

Scribe felt marker (1966 SH)

Ink Marker (1964 SH) For sketching and sign writing

Fybriter (=77) (1965 SH) The first British made fiber point pen

080 and 081 (1970 SH) Fybriters with Terylene toughened tips. Probably box numbers for cheap pens similar to the VIP.

VIP (1968 SH) Retractable ball-pen: Original price 10d. Cream plastic body, hexagonal in section, press-in press-out plunger.

     Blue plastic top and clip

Scholar set (1970s) Black Boxed set: Pen as Student but engraving on clip closer spaced; BP as Student but without ribbing and without Conway Stewart engraving on clip ; pencil with Conway and UK engraved on clip. Length 12.1cm. No designation on box.

      Black Fountain pen, ball-point & pencil

Student Set (1972 SH), Chrome plated fountain pen and ball pen. FP - Cap with straight clip engraved Conway Stewart UK, black plastic stud. Plunger-type filler with transparent top 8mm of barrel below screw. Nib: Smoothline USA. Length: 12.7 cm; BP - Ribbed cap with straight clip engraved Conway Stewart UK. Top CP press-in press-out plunger, and band half-way down barrel. Length 13.5 cm. No imprint on pen bodies, "Student Set Made in England" written on box. Also: Student Fountain Pen: "Plunger Filling Action". As above but sold separately. Pric 22p. see Student set).

      Black pen and BP set

Consort Set: (1972?) Boxed set, FP, BP and pencil. CP angled tops, straight clips (with Conway Stewart imprinted). FP with smoothline USA nib, BP retractable.

      Duck-egg blue set.
      Black barrel

      Red set

Conway Set in triangular box. FP, BP and pencil. CP angled tops, straight clips (with Conway imprinted. Box imprinted Conway Stewart. Pen pressac, smoothline nib.

      Maroon barrel

Conway Stewart Cartridge writing Set: Boxed set containing CP-capped fountain and BP pen. Conway Stewart imprinted around cap lips. Straight narrow clips. Box containing cartridges.

      Maroon barrel

Conway Ball-point Set: (late 60s?) Boxed set containing 3 color-coded chrome BP pens. Cap with straight clip engraved Conway UK. CP press-in press-out plunger, and colored band half-way down barrel. 6-ribbed grip near tip of barrel. Also boxed in Australia individually as "Executive" (see on).

      Blue code
      Black code
      Red code

Conway Ball-point Set: (late 60s?) Boxed set containing 3 color-coded chrome BP pens. Cap with straight clip engraved Conway Stewart UK. CP press-in press-out plunger, and colored band half-way down barrel. Multi-ribbed grip along the barrel.

      Blue code
      Black code
      Red code

Academy(1972 SH) Self colour cap, 1 band, CPT. Straight clip. Cartridge. Original price 28p
Card with all colours

      Olive green

College (1972 SH) Chrome cap, slanted top, straight clip. Coloured barrel. Cartridge. Original price: 32p.
Card with all colours

      Olive green

The Executive (Modern 1970s) Flighter. Straight clip



      Wine color,
     Chased black (barrel inscribed "Lyon Ltd. Glasgow"

(The) Dainty: Dinkie size (c1920s)

      pale green/white swirls (Dinkie size, clover lever, possibly not CS)
      Black, straight lever, no clip, flat top, cap screw on barrel end

Cartridge filler pens: Sold in boxed sets containing reserve cartridges or in hard plastic packages

      Cartridge refills from Australia

Ball-pens: probably belonging to later sets , where name is printed on box only or not at all.

      Ball pens, retractable, straight clip, 1 band, no imprint, (sets with no number pens in plastic wraps)
      Ball pen, grey retractable, CP top, straight clip (with Conway Stewart imprinted) no imprint on barrel

President (1977) never launched? (SH)

Extract from New Stationer, January 1977:

      "Sleek, polished steel, natural leather, flower-like patterns, beautiful colours not normally associated with writing instruments are to be seen in the President collection when it is launched by Conway Stewart in January.
This exciting prestigious range is to be the spearhead of Conway Stewart's re-entry into the top end of the market. It comprises fashion-orientated pens, ball pens and propelling pencils in unusual coverings and finishes which carry on the true Conway Stewart tradition in terms of high quality, integrated into sophisticated designs, they are writing instruments that pander to the discerning.
The President Collection has already been test marketed in a limited number of specially selected outlets and has met with such enthusiasm that sales have far exceeded original expectations.
All 30 items in the President Collection can be purchased separately or in matching sets. The fountain pens have either 14ct or 18ct nibs and are well-balanced precision writing instruments. There are 11 styles from which to choose, some in as many as five colours. The pens range is from 3.50 to 29.50."

October 2004. The latest buzz in the grape-vine is that a consignment of pens ordered by Conway Stewart in the seventies from a supplier in Japan, was recently unearthed when the new Conway Stewart company contacted the supplier for a different reason. This consignment was eventually delivered after some 30 years but was of "low quality" and was purchased by Harrods for distribution. Could this be the President series??

No number, no affiliation

Similar to 240 but not imprinted Conway Stewart:Perhaps made by CS for Gold Starry, or perhaps made by National Security for Conway Stewart.

      Silver/black diagonal lines (spiral) but with 1 band (imprint vestigial) normal peaked top CPT CS clip, old CS nib.
      Blue/black spiral, 1 band, button filler

Red Vulcanite: Red Vulcanite: (1920s) Black flat-knurled top, fixed clip, 1 medium band, flanged CS lever-Pat 235447, black bottom, warranted nib, 14 cm long, 1.6cm diam.

Pens for customization (many with same chasing) (1930s). Slightly tapered, nearly flat top, lever with small CS logo in large shield. Dimensions: Length - 12.9cm; barrel+section - 10.6cm; cap - 5.8cm.

      Chased black Vulcanite, 2 bands, nib CS 5, wrong (diamond) clip
      Chased black, Fixed clip, 1 medium band, lollipop lever. Probably the earliest of these custom pens.
      Chased black, 1 band, ball clip, nib CS 1.
      Chased black (different chasing from above) ball clip without logo, 1 medium band
      Chased black, with flange lever
      Chased black, ball clip, no band. Imprint N.U.R. (National Union of Railway men) CPT
      Chased black, no clip, no bands, flange lever
      Black spear-like clip, flange lever, no bands, no imprint, warranted nib
      Chased black ring-top: Nearly equivalent to 575L but GP with medium band. As with 575L the only imprints are "Made in England" and a name above the lollipop lever (Margaret).
      As above but imprinted Evlyn Johnson
      As above but imprinted Beatrice Duncan Note the barrel thread for posting on all three pens.