A book of Conway Stewart numbers - page 8

No. 700 No. 720 No. 726 No. 728 No. 729 No. 736 No. 739 No. 750 No. 756 No. 757 No. 759 No. 767 No. 769 No. 770 No. 775 No. 776M
No. 777 No. 786M No. 800 No. 800M No. 817 No. 820 No. 829 No. 832M No. 834M No. 840 No. 872M No. 977 No. 1200 No. 1201 No. 1202 No. 1203
No. 1206 No. 1208 No. 1209 No. 1216

Rarity: In this update I have attempted to classify the relative rarity of the models according to the number of times I have recorded them. Also where many different colours were made for the same model, I have shown which colours are less common and consequently more desirable.

* = 0 to 1 record * = 2 to 4 records * = 5 to 10 records * = above 10 records * = more desirable

700* Ink visible, The Conway Stewart, (c1938-40 SH) peaked cap, diamond clip, screw section, no bands, PF, nib CS 1. Hatched barrel semi-transparent. See instructions by Jim Marshall published in the 2002 No 65 edition of the Journal of the Writing Equipment Society on how to repair the 800 pen. Dimensions - length: 12.7cm; barrel+section: 10.5 cm; cap: 5.5cm.

      Green hatched
      Blue hatched
      Black hatched 1 band
      Burgundy hatched

720* The "Dandy" Pen, (c1933-1942), Nib CS 3 or CS1, (matching pencil Duro point 2, 2R). Here's a Dandy box.

Flat-top, no clip, no band, black 5-knurled top. (c1930 Original price 7/6)

      Harlequin (advert 1931)
      Green with pink/mauve lines
      Marbled grey with black inclusions

Flat-top, no clip, 1 narrow band at top, and 2 below 5-tiered knurl. And here's a beautiful DISPLAY CARD.

      Yellow, red, black & gold (fertilized yolk)
      Uniform mauve
      Uniform light blue
      green with mauve wavy lines

Flat top, no clip or ball clip; or peaked top, no clip or diamond clip, 1 band. (c1930s). Dimensions - length: 11.1cm; barrel+section: 8.1-8.5 cm; cap: 5.2cm.

   Flat-tops, number on 1st line.

      Marbled blue schist/black (no clip)

   Flat-tops, number on 3rd line.

      Peacocks plumage
      Reversed cracked ice
      Red with gold/black inclusions
      Cracked ice
      Grey & black swirl (?)
      Marbled green with yellow, black & gold inclusions
      Black-current swirl (?)
      Blue-grey/brown/black (short section, number below line)
      Gold & black swirl (Boots Stationary Dept)
      Blue with black, gold, copper inclusions, (Imprint "Boots Stationary Department")
      Blue with black, gold, copper inclusions My collection and From the internet
      Red/orange/green/blue/black/brown inclusions

   Peaked tops, number on 1st line

      Burnished copper/black

   Peaked-tops, number on 3rd line.

      Marbled blue/black, 1 band,
      Grey (ivory) with black flecks
      Marbled bright green/black
      Marbled burnished copper/black (with clip)
      Peacock plumage, (no clip)
      Marbled light /dark green pearl, brick flecks & veins

   Ring-tops, Black 5-knurled top, no band.

      Pink toothpaste

726* The "Dandy" Pen, (c1931-1933), no clip, Nib CS 3, (matching pencil Duro point 2, 2R) (10/6)

Flat-top tapering, 2 narrow bands surrounding 1 medium band, small shield on lever (length 11.1cm; barrel+section 8.5cm; cap 5.2cm)

      Deep (aquamarine) blue and black, number on 3rd line
      Marbled blue black and gold

Ring-top, top with GP knob, 2 bands near lip, 1 at top above 6-tiered knurled black top, large shield on lever (length 10.6cm; barrel+section 8.3cm; cap 5.3cm)

      Grey Jazz
      Uniform dark green (set with DP2)
      Uniform red-brown moire
      Red Jazz (red, orange, mauve, black, green = multicolor?)
      Coral/silver/ green pearl streaks
      Lilac (wider bands proud, number on line, nib early style)
      Brick red with green/black/golden brown flecks, (narrower bands close, number below line)
      Green measles (boxed with DP #2 pencil) 1930
      Sky blue (knob and ring missing)
      726M Mottled vulcanite (Flat-top, 2 bands proud near lip, 1 band at top)

728* The "Dandy Pen", No clip, Nib CS 3.


      Reversed cracked ice

Black flat-top, 6 knurls, no clip, large shield on long lever, (length 10.7cm; barrel+section 8.2cm; cap 5.5cm)

      Multicolored flecks, no clip, 1 band
      Grey Jazz (1 band at top, 2 bands proud near rim)
      Multicolored flecks, no clip, 3 bands
      Harlequin, 1 band proud
      Green measles, 1 band proud
      Peacock's plumage, no clip, 2 bands,
      Deep marbled blue-black no clip 2 bands
      Marbled burgundy/black, no clip, 2 bands
      Deep purple, 1 band proud

Black flat-top, tapered, no knurls, 2 bands, small shield on short lever

      Blue with green, black & gold inclusions
      Blue, aqua green, black, bronze, silver
      Marbled blue aquamarine/black
      Marbled aqua green/black
      Blue candle flame

Ring-top, black top with 6 knurls, medium band proud. (Early)

      Green measles
      Multicolored flecks
      Harlequin Boxed set with pencil

Ring-top, tapered black top, no knurls, small shield on short lever, (length 10.9cm; barrel+section 8.5cm; cap 5.2cm)

      Marbled bottle green/black, 2 bands
      Brick red with green, gold & black flecks (Barrel and section only)

729* The "Dandy Pen" (1930s) Black ring-top, 2 cap bands near lip

      White and light-blue striped
      Marbled pink and green
      Green measles
      Uniform blue

736* The "Dandy Pen" (1933-42 SH), Ball clip or diamond clip, 3 bands, center band slightly wider. Flat-top slightly tapered. Lollipop lever. Length 11.1 cm

      Mottled vulcanite
      Blue with gold & black inclusions
      Red with black green inclusions
      Marbled burnished copper/black

739* The "Dandy Pen": (1930s) Flat black knurled top with narrow band at top & 2 narrow bands proud near lip. Long lever terminating in large lollipop. Length 10.8 cm; cap 5.3 cm.

      Pillar-box red

750* The Conway Pen: No clip? or fixed ball clip, no band, CPT, lever with large shield. Dimensions - length: 12.1cm; barrel+section: 9.8cm; cap: 5.4cm.

      Chased Black Vulcanite
      Black vulcanite with Red vulcanite section and cap top
      750M Mottled vulcanite (?-1933 SH) Fixed clip, no bands
      750M Mottled Vulcanite. The Vearine Pen. J. Webster Veare Westcliffe on Sea.Warranted 2 nib

756* The Conway Pen: (?-1933 SH) ) Flat top, wide band, fixed clip, flange lever, mottled Vulcanite top and section. 756M - shallow domed top, fixed ball clip, long thin lever with large end and logo, no band or medium band, nib CS ? Dimensions - length: 12.3cm; barrel + section: 9.9cm; cap: 5.5cm.

      Black Vulcanite
      Black Vulcanite with mottled vulcanite top, section and feed (John Schwab)
      756M Mottled Vulcanite
      756P Clip no bands

757* The Conway Pen: (1938-46 SH), peaked top, diamond clip, 1 band, nib CS 2. Dimensions - length: 12.5cm; barrel+section: 10cm; cap: 5.6cm. Original Price S.A. 12/6

      Green/black early-hatched
      Blue/black early-hatched
      Purple/black early- hatched
      Black Vulcanite

759* The Conway Pen: (Short & long versions. Small or large number alone on third line, either No. 759 or No 759 = early) or Conway Stewart 759 (Short & long versions. Number on first line = later). All with diamond clip, 1 band, j bar, nib CS 2. Some with diamond shield on lever, some with round shield. Dimensions - length: 12.6 -13 cm; barrel+section: 10.1 - 10.4cm; cap: 5.8cm. (Matching pencil Nippy or Duro-point).

The Conway Pen:

      Pink moire
      Green moire
      Blue moire
      Marbled green/black veins
      Marbled green/black veins (small number, barrel longer)
      Marbled blue/black veins
      Marbled plum, black veins

Conway Stewart:

      Marbled blue/black veins
      Marbled green/black veins
      Marbled plum, black veins

767 The Conway Stewart: Flat top, fixed clip, 1 band, lollipop lever

      Uniform turquoise blue

769 The Conway Stewart: Peaked-top, diamond clip, 1 narrow band, CPT

      Black Vulcanite
      769M Conway Stewart (clip, 1 wide band)

770* The Conway Pen: (c1925-1942 SH) fixed clip, shallow domed top, Duro nib or CS no number. Dimensions - length: 13.5cm; barrel+section: 10.4cm; cap: 6.0cm; diameter; 13mm. The different variations to this model are well shown in these pictures by David Wells: OPEN and CLOSED. Note the variations in size.

      Black Vulcanite (2 thin bands), flange lever
      Black Vulcanite, flange lever, 1 broad band
      Black Vulcanite, plain lollipop lever, 1 band
      Black plastic, Conway Stewart, lever not flanged, (later model, 1 band)
      770M Mottled Vulcanite (2 thin bands, flange lever) c1938
      770M Mottled Vulcanite (2 thin bands, flange lever) W.H. Smith & son Ltd., Bournemouth
      770M Mottled Vulcanite, 1 band, not flange lever
      770M Mottled Vulcanite 1 band, flange lever

775* Conway Stewart: (1938-1940) (SH) Rolled gold (Original Original Original price 35/-)

776M*(?) Mottled Vulcanite (PC March '98)

777??* Black (2 gold plated bands on barrel)

786M* The "Dandy" Pen: (?-1933 SH) shallow domed top, 2 bands proud near top, 2 near lip, fixed ball clip, nib CS 1. Dimensions - length: 11.1cm; barrel+section: 8.5cm; cap: 5.5cm.

      786M Mottled Vulcanite

800* The "Dandy" Pen: (? 1932 SH) shallow domed top, no clip, no band, large shield on lever (Original price 6/6)

      800M Mottled Vulcanite

800* The Conway Stewart, Ink visible: (1937-1940 SH), PF, GPT, peaked cap, diamond clip, 1 band. Top section of barrel transparent. Dimensions - length: 13cm; barrel+section: 10.5cm; cap: 6cm. See instructions by Jim Marshall published in the 2002 No 65 edition of the Journal of the Writing Equipment Society on how to repair the pen.

      Black with knurled twist segment
      Marbled green/black veins
      Cracked ice
      Marbled blue/black

817* The Conway Stewart Ink visible: (Late 1930's), PF, RGT. peaked cap, diamond clip, 1 wide band on cap. Top section of barrel transparent. Dimensions - length: 13.2 cm; barrel + section: 10.6cm; cap: 6.2cm.


820* The "Dandy" Pen (?-1933 SH) (WES '99) no clip, no bands, domed top with 5 knurls, lever with large shield, nib CS 2. Dimensions - length: 11.2cm; barrel+section: 8.5cm; cap: 5.5cm.

      820M Mottled Vulcanite
      820M The Victor. flange lever (1920's) (See 10R)
      820M Mottled Vulcanite (A. Wheaton & Co. Ltd. Exeter)

829* The "Dandy" Pen, 5 tiered knurled domed top, no clip, 1 medium band, nib ?? Dimensions - length: 11.2cm; barrel+section: 8.5cm; cap: 5.5cm.

      Chased Black Vulcanite
      829M Mottled Vulcanite, 1 medium band proud proud at cap lip.

832M* The "Dandy" Pen (1920s-1933 SH): No clip, no band, slightly domed top, large shield on lever, Nib old style CS 2. Dimensions - length: 11cm; barrel+section: 8.4cm; cap: 5.5cm.

      832M Mottled Vulcanite

834M* The "Dandy Pen":(1930s): Ring-top, no separate band, gold covered slightly domed top including knob pierced by ring and extending down sides to form medium band. Large shield on lever.

      834M Mottled Vulcanite

840* The Conway Stewart, Ink visible (c1938-? SH) PF, Clip, 3 bands

      Cracked ice

872M* The "Dandy" Pen (1931-1933 SH) 5 knurls below domed top, 2 bands, fixed ball clip, large shield on lever, nib CS 2. Dimensions - length: 11.2cm; barrel+section: 8.5cm; cap: 5.5cm.

      872M Mottled Vulcanite

977* Conway: 2 colour ball-pen (1967 SH)

1200* The Conway Stewart: (1942 SH), Clip no bands. (Original price 15/-)

      1200M Conway Stewart (?1935 SH) Flat knurled top, no clip, no bands, flange lever.
      1200T Conway Stewart (?-1933 SH)

1201* The Conway Stewart: clip. 1 very wide band. (SH)

1202* The Conway Stewart: no clip, flat top, 1 medium 9ct band, straight lever = early, flange lever = later (Original Price 17/6) IMPRINT

      Black early
      Black later
      1202M (1933-c1935 SH)
      1202T (?-c1933 SH)

1203* The Conway Stewart: (1933-42 SH) ball or diamond clip, 1 wide 9ct band. Nib CS Duro 40, (Warranted 32 probably not original). Dimensions - length: 12.8cm; barrel+section: 10.7cm; cap: 5.7cm. (Original price 17/6)

      Cracked ice
      Reversed cracked ice. Hallmark = 1936.
      Marbled blue/black
      Black Vulcanite

1206* Conway Stewart: (1936-1942) Clip, 2 narrow 18ct bands on barrel. Nib CS Duro 40. Dimensions - length: 12.8cm; barrel+section: 10.5cm; cap: 5.7cm. (Original price 21/-)

      Reversed cracked ice, ball clip,
      Black, plastic, diamond clip, 1 band on cap
      Black, plastic, diamond clip
      Marbled burgundy/black diamond clip

1208* Conway Stewart:

      1208M Mottled Vulcanite (1931-35 SH), clip; wide 18ct band. (Original price 18/6)

1209* Conway Stewart: (c1933) Flat top, diamond clip, 2 18ct bands on barrel, nib CS Duro 40. Dimensions - length: 12.8cm; barrel+section: 10.5cm; cap: 5.7cm. IMPRINT

      Marbled burgundy/black
      Black Vulcanite (flange lever)
      Black Vulcanite
      Marbled green/black
      Marbled aqua green/black. Hallmark=1933.
      Marbled blue (faded to grey)/black 2 18ct bands on barrel, (cap substitute)
      1209M Mottled Vulcanite

1216* Conway Stewart: : Nearly flat top, 5-tiered knurl above ball clip, 2 18ct hallmarked bands on cap, flange lever, nib CS 7. Dimensions - length: 13.4cm; barrel+section: 10.8cm; cap: 5.8cm. (Original price 21/-)

      Marbled burgundy
      1216M Mottled Vulcanite (1931-38)