A book of Conway Stewart numbers - page 10

Academy Army & Navy Bantam Barnsley Britten British Rope Brunswick Clavo Castle
Chancery Clubman Combridge Constable Crawford County Devon Empire Exchequer
Falcon Gold Starry Grenville Hopkins Invicta Jackdaw Jarrold's Jarrolds Junior
John Bull Junior Mirror Landy Maenson Mosley Mudie New Perfection Novocastrian Oxo
Penguin Popular Puritan Perth Quality Queen Raleigh Regent Relief
Renown Repton Repulse Richmond Seal Selfridge Simpson Somerset St Michael
Stag Stovarsol Suffolk Svanstroms Throstle Le Tigre Le Tigre 1-6 Le Tigre 11M Le Tigre 15-45
Le Tigre 55-75 Le Tigre 83-86 Le Tigre 100-110 Le Tigre 111-1598 Write Easy University Woodall Arthur Hill

Rarity: In this update I have attempted to classify the relative rarity of the numbered models according to the number of times I have recorded them. Also where many different colours were made for the same model, I have shown which colours are less common and consequently more desirable.

* = 0 to 1 record * = 2 to 4 records * = 5 to 10 records * = above 10 records * = more desirable

Conway Stewart Associated

The Academy Pen: Wood & Son, Perth

The Army & Navy Stylo: (WES 1998)


The Bantam Pen:P.S. & N. Ltd., Liverpool: ball clip without logo, CS flange lever. CS nib. Dimensions: Length - 12.7cm; barrel+section - 10.0cm; cap - 5.5cm. Equivalent to CS 475.

      Chased black

Barnsley Express

      Black, CPT, thread at end of barrel for cap
      As above but with green spiral glass nib

The Britten: (c1930) No clip, domed top, early lever with large CS shield and CS nib. Dimensions: Length - 13.4cm; barrel+section - 10.6cm; cap - 5.7cm.

      Chased black, no clip, rounded top, early lever and nib. The "Britten" Self-filler, 77 High Street Birmingham

British Rope Company

     Grey with black flecks, BF

The Brunswick De Luxe Pen: (c1930s) Dimensions: Length - 12.9cm; barrel+section - 10.5cm; cap - 5.7cm.

      Marbled raspberry/black veins, Flat-top, ball clip, CPT, warranted nib (CS logo on clip & lever, Imprint: Fenwick Ltd., Newcastle on Tyne (in original box)

The Clavo Lever Pen: (c1920s). Slightly domed top, fixed clip, no band, flange lever, warranted nib. Dimensions: Length - 13.2 cm.

      Mottled Vulcanite. Imprinted R. Robinson & Co. Ltd. Newcastle on Tyne. Warranted nib.

The Castle

      470M Fixed clip (missing) flange lever, no bands (R. Grant and Son, Edinborough,)

The Chancery Pen: Wheatley Dyson & Son Huddersfield. CS Clip and lever, no bands. Nib CS1.

      Blue hatch (Ian Williams)

The Clubman Pen Dimensions: Length - 12cm; barrel+section - 9.6cm; cap - 5.5cm.

      Mottled Vulcanite, No. 3391. Typical flange lever, but with Star of David shield, MHR cap with black domed top, ball clip, warranted nib. Imprint, typically CS. Pat: 235447

Combridge: (1924-25) Dimensions:?? Shallow rounded top, no clip, no band, flange lever with CS patent 235447, Lever logo entwined C and B (not C and S). Imprint Combridge Birmingham. Nib Combridge

      Combridge, Birmingham

Constable: Flat-top, ball clip with diamond CS logo, no band, CPT, round CS logo on lever, warranted nib. Dimensions - length: 13cm; barrel+section: 10.6cm; cap: 5.7cm. (Note: equivalent to CS 475 of which a Constable 475 has also been recorded). Original price 5/-.

      Chased black
      Chased black.   imprinted W.S.C. (=West Sussex Constabulary?)

The Cotswold Pen:Imprint W.M. Brindle Chipping Norton

      Mottled Vulcanite: slightly domed top, no clip, no band, flange lever.

The County Pen W.B. Walker, Shrewsbury

A.A Crawford, Leith, Special Reserve Old Scotch. Desk-top pen.

      Black with amber tail flange lever, 2 bands between barrel and tail. Amber brown stand.

Devon Express Ball clip, no bands, CS shield on clip & lever, CS nib. Dimensions: Length - 13cm; barrel+section - 10.5cm; cap - 5.5cm.

      Mottled Vulcanite, W.C. & S.E.

The Empire Pen

      25 Mottled Vulcanite Flat top, straight lever, 2 bands.
      33 Mottled Vulcanite, straight lever, ring top, 1 18ct GP band Length 12.0 cm.
      41 Chased black Vulcanite, 1 band, (Morison Bros., Glasgow)
      46 Chased black
      46 Mottled Vulcanite fixed ball clip, 1 band, flange lever
      102 Mottled Vulcanite, fixed clip, knurls around shallow domed top, single band, flange lever, warranted nib
      107 Mottled Vulcanite, fixed clip, flange lever, 5 knurled domed top, 1 band. W.H. Smith & Son Ltd Shrewsbury.
      122 Mottled Vulcanite, fixed clip, flange lever, shallow domed top, 1 band.
      131 Chased black, fixed clip with CS logo. Long, boxed lollipop lever with CS logo.
      411 (Boy Scout Pen) B Scout emblem on clip, Black
      411 Gold & black transverse tiger stripes
      411 Green & black transverse tiger stripes (Boy Scout emblem on clip) Length: 13.2cm.
      411 Blue & black transverse tiger stripes As above
      611 Chased Black, 1 band, flange lever
      Red Vulcanite, BF, Flat top, 1 band, ball CS washer type clip, Warranted nib
      Marbled brown, black flat-top, CS diamond clip, 2 narrow bands, straight lever, 8.8cm + 5.8 cm.

Exchequer:The "Exchequer" Pen: (c1920s) Flat top (slightly domed) 5 tiered knurl, flange lever & fixed clip, medium raised band, nib CS Duro 40. (Equivalent to Duro No. 2). Dimensions - length: 11.7cm; barrel + section: 8.9cm; cap: 5.6cm.

      Chased black Vulcanite

The Express: (c1928-1941DW) Wilson & Whitworth Ltd. Flat top (slightly domed) 5 tiered knurl. Boxed NPT lever , nib ? Dimensions - length: 13.5cm; cap: 6.2cm.

      Mottled vulcanite with Warranted #5 nib, flat top with an inlayed disc of green and white marbled material, and an oval based fixed clip (info supplied by Michael Yeats).


      Falcon No.1: Chased black, no clip no band flat top, warranted nib.
      Falcon no.2: Chased black, fixed clip with CS logo, lever with CS shield. No band, flat top, warranted nib, CPT.

Fox Convention

      Mottled Vulcanite, CS nib, clip and flange lever, Fox Convention, London

Gold Starry: Pens made for this French company by CS during the 1920's. And here's a Gold Starry box. For the Safetys its difficult to tell which were made by Conway Stewart and which were not. I also show here a French one (257) which is nevertheless different and is imprinted "Manufacture Francaise". All later ones I have seen are imprinted "Fabrication Francaise"!!

      Red Vulcanite (equivalent to Duro Pen No. 2). Fixed clip and flange lever with CS logo, nib 18 ct Gold Starry. Imprint with 5 pointed star logo.
      Chased black ring top 1 medium crimped band at top, 1 near lip (equivalent to CS Dinkie 526)
      Mottled vulcanite (equivalent to Duro No. 2)
      2 Baby. Multicolor. Knurled black top, no bands, CS logo lollipop lever, warranted nib. (Similar to Dinkie major) Dimensions: Length - 9.3cm; barrel+section - 7.1 cm; cap - 4.2 cm.
      53 Black Vulcanite safety pen This one is definately a French made one. (Note ribs on barrel as in 257.)
      62 Mottled Vulcanite (perhaps French made)
      63 Mottled Vulcanite safety pen This one too is a French made one since its imprinted Fabrication francaise. (Note also ribs on barrel as in 257.)
      Mottled Vulcanite pen Possibly a french made one.
      237 Chased black safety pen (c1920) Dimensions - length: 12.8cm; barrel: 12 cm; cap: 3.4cm . Nib Warranted.
      252 Chased black safety pen (c1920) Dimensions - length: 11.2 cm; barrel: 10.3 cm; cap: 3.2 cm . Nib Warranted 18ct.
      257 Mottled Vulcanite safety This one is a French made Safety. Note the ribs half-way up the barrel. Also the font of the imprint is different.
      Mottled Vulcanite safety This is another French made Safety.
      Mottled Vulcanite desk pen flange lever.
      Multicolor ring top, flange lever, 2 bands near cap lip, 1 band above 5-knurled top.
      Mottled Vulcanite (?). The clip is typically the french style , while the lever is the patented Conway Stewart one.
      Blue/black waves, flange lever, flat top, 2 bands.
      Mottled Vulcanite GS clip, but distinguished as Conway Stewart by flange lever.
      Mottled Vulcanite eequivalent to Conway Stewart Dinkie ring-top.

"The Grenville": No clip, 1 wide band, flange lever. Barrel inscribed "The Grenville Harrods Ltd."

      Chased black, no clip, no band, shield lever, nib CS 3

G. Hopkins & Sons Ltd. "Engineers" London Conway Stewart London

      Chased black, fixed clip, lollipop lever.

The "Invicta" (1920s): Lane's library, Herne Bay & Broadstairs. Flat-top no knurls, no bands, fixed CP clip, CP flange lever, concave section, warranted nib. Dimensions: Length - 13.3cm; barrel+section - 10.8cm; cap - 5.9cm.

     Chased black

The Jackdaw Pen: for Gouldens, Canterbury & Dover (no clip no band,)

     18 Mottled Vulcanite,
     3 Mottled Vulcanite, lever with large shield & logo, slightly domed top.

Jarrold's Empire Pen: No clip, no band, long lever with large lollipop. Warranted nib. Dimensions: Length - 13.3cm; barrel+section - 10.7cm; cap - 5.8cm.

      Chased black

"Jarrolds Borrow": No clip, no band, slightly domed top, flange lever

      Mottled Vulcanite

"John Bull": No clip, no band, slightly domed top, lollipop lever

      Chased black Vulcanite Was this pen made by Conway Stewart??

"Junior" (c1930) No clip, no band. Similar to 330 but no barrel thread for cap. Large CS shield on lollipop lever, or flange lever. J-bar. Dimensions: Length - 13.5cm; barrel+section - 10.7cm; cap - 6cm.

      Chased black, inscribed C.S.S.A. (CS means Conway Stewart?)

Junior Mirror: (c1950): Diamond clip, colored stud, narrow 1mm band, straight lever, j-bar. (similar to small No. 28). Conway 5 nib. Dimensions: Length - 12.3cm; barrel+section - 99.7cm; cap - 5.76cm. (Reportedly given away as advert).

      Blue moiré
      Green moiré
      Pink moiré

Landy Lever Pen: Diamond clip, no band, lollipop lever. L & Y Stationary Co. Ltd. Leeds

      Chased black flat top. Ball point (obviously modified)
      Chased black peaked top

The Maenson Pen:No clip no band. Combridge Birmingham shield on lever. Info

      Mottled Vulcanite

Landy Lever Pen: Diamond clip, no band, lollipop lever. L & Y Stationary Co. Ltd. Leeds

The Mosley Pen: A. Megson & Son Ltd., Manchester: Flat top, ball clip, lollipop lever. Dimensions: Length - 12.9cm; barrel+section - 10.4cm; cap - 5.7cm.

      Marbled green

Mudie's Scholar Pen

      Mottled Vulcanite, lever, diamond clip, no band, Mudie's Scholar Pen, 115 Bond Street, London W.1.

The MSM Pen: No clip, no bands. Imprinted: Morson Swan & Morgan Ltd., Newcastle on Tyne.


New Perfection

      Marbled green (similar to 388) Wheatley Dyson & Son Huddersfield
      Marbled blue (similar to 475) Wheatley Dyson & Son Huddersfield

The Novocastrian Pen Bainbridge & co Newcastle upon Tyne

      Marbled blue (Looks like 479)

"Oxo"Self-filling fountain pen in red box

      Chased black 1 band - see pens for customization

"Penguin Self Filling Pen." CS clip, lever and CS 3 nib. Dimensions: Length - 12.1cm; barrel+section - 9.6cm; cap - 5.7cm.

      Burgundy hatched, ink visible barrel, peaked top, 1 band

"Popular": (c1930) No clip, no band. Similar to 330 Scribe with cap-screw on bottom of barrel. CS shield on lever, nib CS. Dimensions: Length - 14cm; barrel+section - 10.5cm; cap - 6cm.

      Chased Vulcanite, (similar to 330 Scribe) inscribed The Scholastic Trading Co Ltd., Bristol

Puritan: Equivalent in shape and size to 575L but with GP covered top and ring.

      Chased black

"Compliments of The Perth Garage Limited"

     Chased BHR, CPT, Fixed CS clip, flange lever, no band, Warranted nib. (1920s)

The "Quality" Pen: 1930s. Imprinted W.H. Smith & Son Ltd. Earls Court Rd. SW5. Warranted nib. Dimensions: Length - 12.8cm; barrel+section - 10.3cm; cap - 5.5cm. (Note: equivalent to CS 475.)

      Marbled blue, flat top, ball clip, no band, lollipop lever

"Queen of the South" Pen

      700 Black, PF, ink visible, nib CS 5, inscribed Robert Dinwiddie, Dumfries (like CS 700 ink-visible)

"The Raleigh lever filler": Peaked-top, diamond clip with diamond CS logo, no band, CPT, round CS logo on lever, warranted nib. Dimensions - length: 13cm; barrel+section: 10.6cm; cap: 5.7cm. (Note: equivalent to CS 475).

      Chased black

Regent: (Possibly not CS?) CP clip similar to DP No.1 pencil, Flat top with vertical striations. Lever like CS with large shield but with 4 leaf clover. Section not typical but with CS nib. Dimensions: Length - 13.9cm; barrel+section - 10.5cm; cap - 5.7cm.

      Regent No.2 Imprint Made in England REGENT B.C.M./ HH7 Primeval ooze (like Scribe 336)

Relief (Possibly all made by Conway Stewart for Esterbrook) Earliest: Rounded top, and bottom, with red band below top, long spatula lever and Burnham type pear clip. Early: Rounded top, and bottom, with red band below top, CS type lever with R logo, Burnham type pear clip. Later: Rounded top, flat bottom, without red band below top, CS type lever with R logo, Burnham type pear clip. Late: (Post WW2), CS type diamond clip with R logo and metal stud, CS type lever with R logo (Equivalent to pens in the CS series). Many of these pens have oblique nibs marked by an (O). Note: Two pamphlets advertising relief pens, sent to me by David Wells in March 2003 relate to some 16 pens pertaining to the "early" series. However, their serial numbers are not given and I have not recorded any of these pens elsewhere.

Here is a "Relief-1" box.

And here are two more:
      "Relief-2" box
      "Relief-3" box


      1 Cocoa swirl, rounded bottom* (O)
      1 Marbled blue/black* (O)

      1 Chased black, rounded bottom*

      1 Black, rounded bottom *
      1 Mottled Vulcanite* , rounded bottom


      1 Marbled deep green* , no bands
      2L Toffee swirl* , rounded bottom (O)
      2L Blue snake-skin* , rounded bottom
      2L Marbled green/black* , rounded bottom. Here's the IMPRINT
      2S Marbled blue/black, button filler
      2S Black button filler*
      2S Black and silver swirl.
      2S Toffee swirl.
      2S Marbled green/black
      2S Blue snakeskin.
      3S Black, 3 bands button filler
      3S Marbled light and dark blue
      3L Sage green reversed cracked ice (3 bands).*
      5L Reversed cracked ice* , rounded bottom (O)
      5L Marbled light blue with gold inclusions
      7 Cracked ice button filler


      2L Marbled green* , flat bottom And here's another picture of pen and imprint.
      2L Marbled plum/black* , flat bottom (O)
      2L Marbled blue/black
      2L Black *
(broad O)
      3L Black *

Late Equivalent to CS 28

12 Grey hatched*
      12 Cracked ice* , (broad O)
      12 Burgundy hatched*
      12 Green hatched*
      12 Marbled Blue/black *
      12 Burgundy *
      12 Black *
      12 Tiger eye*
      2L Marbled blue/black* , flat bottom

The "Renown" lever filler. (1920s): Nearly flat top, no clip, no band, CST lever, Mottled Vulcanite section and feed. Possibly a sister ship of the "Repulse" see below. Dimensions: Length - 13.3cm; barrel+section - 10.7cm; cap - 5.9cm.

      Mottled Vulcanite

The Repton. No clip, no bands, lollipop lever. Equivalent to CS 330 with thread on end of barrel to post the cap.

      Chased black (Repton No.1)

Repulse The Repulse Lever filler (late 1930's). Flat-top, ball clip no band CPT. Sold in blue box at the HMS Repulse bookstall for 5/6. (HMS Repulse was built in 1916 and sank together with its sister ship HMS Prince of Wales in the Straits of Malacca during the defense of Malaya and Singapore against the Japanese invasion in WW2.) For much more info on HMS Repulse, those that sailed in it, and its illustrious history you may like to visit the Force Z Survivors Association website: The link between pens and ships is the subject of an article in the WES (No. 60 Spring 2001) on the Perry & Co.'s "Naval Series" of Pens. Boxes of nibs are named the "Indefaticable", the "Renown", the "Commonwealth", the "Vanguard", the "Invincible", the "Irresistible", the "Thunderer", and the "Formidable".

      Chased black

The "Richmond" Self Filling Pen CPT. Peaked top, no band, diamond clip. Made for W.H. Smith & Son Ltd. Richmond Surrey

      Chased black

Rosemary That's for remembrance(Made both by Conway Stewart and National Security)

      Green moiré
      Grey-jazz, flat top, 2 bands, no clip, warranted nib, straight clip,
      Mottled Vulcanite no clip, 1 medium 18ct RG band, warranted nib, Cap screws onto bottom of barrel (boxed with Rosemary Mottled Vulcanite ring-top pencil)
      Blue ring-top 2 bands (possibly not Rosemary - no imprint)
      Black and ivory marbled ring top, 4-leaf clover shield on lever, (possibly not Rosemary - no imprint)
      Harlequin ring-top, "Dinkie" no bands, 4-leaf clover shield on lever. Cap screws onto bottom of barrel. Length 11.1cm; barrel 8.5cm; cap 5.2cm. (In Rosemary pouch with DP size pencil)

The Seal Pen: Custom pen for W.H. Smith with WHS logo on ball clip and lollipop lever. (This pen was acquired in a bag-lot of NOS CS custom pens without nibs at the Cooper Owen auction of Oct. 2002. It is identical in dimensions to the other custom pens in the lot. Were all other "Seal" pens made by Conway Stewart?)

      Chased black
      Mottled Vulcanite

The Selfridge Lever. London W. (1930s) Domed knurled top, wide band no clip. Flange lever Concave section, CS nib. Dimensions: Length - 13.4cm; barrel+section - 10.9cm; cap - 6.3cm.

      Black Vulcanite

The Simpson Pen. Fixed clip, 1 band, flange lever. Early

      Mottled Vulcanite

The "Somerset" Lever Pen (1930s). Selfridge, London. No clip, no band, CP lollipop lever.

      Chased black no clip.
      Chased black with fixed clip

St Michael: Ring-top, set in black top. No band, propeller type lever (identical to that of 330 and 336 scribes). Dimensions: Length - 11.4cm; barrel+section - 8.8cm; cap - 5.6cm.

      Multicolor, Casein

The "Stag" self filling pen, H.T.M. 2 narrow, 1 medium band. Same dimensions as Duro #50

      Wood grain, B.F. CS Duro clip

Stovarsol (Swedish Export Model)

     50 Black/white BF

The Suffolk: Peaked top, diamond clip. Dimensions: Length - 12.7cm; barrel+section - 14.6cm; cap - 5.7cm.

    Black (Neville Filar)

Svanstroms: (Models exported to Sweden and imprinted "Import")

   Brilliant Pen: flat-top & blind cap, 2 bands BF (c1928)
      Marbled blue/black
      Marbled green/black

   Standard Pen. Flat top, ball clip, 1 band, Warranted nib.
      Black chased

   Popular Pen
      Black Vulcanite, Import No.1

   Junior Pen

   Crystal Pen
      Black, piston filler, Boliden nib

   Quality Pen
      Black Vulcanite CS washer, ball clip, black 5-knurled flat-top, 2 bands, flanged CS lever, CS nib Dimensions - length: 11.5cm; barrel + section: 8.8cm; cap: 5.5cm.

   Royal Pen (Late 1940's?), PF (later style), GPT, flat cap top, diamond clip, 3 bands (narrow either side of slightly wide middle band). Top section of barrel transparent with screw-in section. Blind cap covering plastic piston filler knob. CS Duro 40 nib. Dimensions - length: 13cm; barrel + section: 10.2cm; cap: 6.1cm.

      Visible Pen: Info provided by Morgan Olsson. No details.


      Green/brick swirl W.G. Hall West Bromwich, CPT Relief nib (= CS 336)

LE TIGRE I should like to acknowledge the generous help of Veerle de Houwer and Jeanne Van Putten and David Wells in putting together this list of Le Tigre pens
(Some modern Le Tigres possibly were not made by Conway Stewart)
This is a Le Tigre Pen Cabinet and this is a rather nice Plaque

     No number: Chased black Vulcanite, Rounded fixed clip with Le Tigre logo, cap with machined groove 4mm from lip. No imprint except for traces of patent No. Dimensions - length: 15 cm; section+barrel: 11.2 cm; cap: 7.4 cm. (Equivalent to Duro 1?)
      No number: Mottled Vulcanite Le Tigre 1913, The Duro Pen, 1 band clip missing? (Equivalent to Duro no number?
      No number: Lyceum Pen. Black Vulcanite
      No number: Mottled Vulcanite Le Tigre fixed clip, CS lever and Duro nib (Le Tigre on barrel)
      No number: Red Vulcanite, black knurled flat top & bottom, Le Tigre ball clip, flange CS lever, 2 bands 18ct Gold BF, Le Tigre 30 nib, Le Tigre diamond clip
      Lyceum Pen. Black Vulcanite
      No number: Gold plated gothic design, lever pen, no clip. Length : 8.9 cm. cap and section
      No number: Gold plated 18ct, fixed clip, round top, flange lever, length 12.7 cm
      No number: Le Tigre Baby, Marbled green, Le Tigre clip & nib, 1 band (=CS 550). Matching pencil Le Tigre No. 41.
      No number: Le Tigre Baby, Marbled dark & light blue/brown veins, 1 band (=CS 550)
      No number: School Pen, Hooded section piston filler, transparent window behind section (1970s?)
      No number: Mascot, Mottled Vulcanite, Le Tigre clip & nib, 1 band
     No number: Ink visible, PF, c1938
     No number: Blue moire, peaked top, diamond clip, no band
     No number: Black cap & translucent barrel, PF. RG clip & 1 medium band. Steel nib. (No.1)
     No number: Le Tigre Black. Modern, hooded nib, probably made in Germany

1* Le Tigre: (1960s)

      Demonstrator pen. Pump filler. Almost certainly not made by Conway Stewart

2* Le Tigre: (1960s)

      Black pen. Clip stud and section indicate that it was probably not made by Conway Stewart

3* Le Tigre: Dandy size, flat top.

      Primeval ooze

6* Le Tigre (c1920) Flange lever. Equivalent to Duro 2.

      Green measles (barrel only)

8* Le Tigre, very slightly domed cap top, with side entry fixed ball clip, no band. Boxed lever with Le Tigre logo. Large Le Tigre 1st Quality 14ct Nib. Dimensions - length: 13.8cm; barrel + section: 11.1cm; cap: 5.9cm

      Black chased hard rubber

11M* Le Tigre: (c1920)

      Mottled Vulcanite, glass nib

13* Le Tigre Eyedropper, very slightly domed cap top, no clip, no band. Le Tigre 1st Quality 14ct Nib. Dimensions - length: 12cm; barrel + section: 8.3cm; cap: 5cm.

      Black chased hard rubber

15* Le Tigre: Ink visible PF, equivalent to CS 800.

Marble green/black veins, CS nib and clip
      Cracked ice 1 band peaked top, diamond clip

18* Le Tigre: 3 cap bands, lever filler, nib Le Tigre No. 8.

     Large cracked ice (early pattern)

21B* The Mascot. Logo on barrel - 3 dancing "cats". Shallow domed top. Dimensions: Length - 11.2cm; barrel+section - 8.6cm; cap - 5.7cm.

      Chased black, flange lever, CS clip?
      Large RK logo on flange lever, no band, Ball clip with RK logo, Warranted nib for Rene Kintz.

22* Le Tigre: Ink visible PF equivalent to CS 700.

      Burgundy hatch cap, ink visible barrel, Le Tigre nib
      Black lined clear ink visible barrel Le Tigre clip, CS nib,
      Green hatch cap, ink visible barrel, BF, Le Tigre nib

22BM* The Mascot. LT ball clip with tiger's head, RK (= name of Belgian importer) logo flanged lever, LT nib, rounded cap top, no band. Dimensions: 10.5cm closed.

      Mottled Vulcanite

29* Le Tigre: Vulcanite eye dropper (ED) very slightly domed cap top, no clip, no band. Le Tigre 1st Quality 14ct Nib. Dimensions - length: 12cm; barrel + section: 8.3cm; cap: 5cm

      Chased black, Turquoise-set gold-plated cap crown, Le Tigre nib
      Black chased hard rubber

31* Le Tigre: The Mascot, logo on barrel - 3 dancing "cats". Flat tapered top.

      Black CPT, diamond Le Tigre clip
      Burnished copper/black

31N* Le Tigre: The Mascot, logo on barrel - 3 dancing "cats". Peaked top. CPT, Le Tigre nib 1A

      Marbled green/black
      Marbled blue/black

31NM* (Fabrication Le Tigre) The Mascot, logo on barrel - 3 dancing "cats". Peaked top. CPT, Le Tigre nib 1A

      Mottled Vulcanite

31M* The Mascot, logo on barrel - 3 dancing "cats". Fixed clip, CS lever, warranted nib, peaked top, no band.

      Mottled Vulcanite

36* Le Tigre: medium band, diamond clip, brass stud

      Marbled raspberry

40* Le Tigre: Modern. Straight clip. CPT, ink visible barrel


40M* Le Tigre: Safety pen. No clip no trim

      Mottled Vulcanite (Jeanne Van Putten)

45* Le Tigre: Equivalent to CS 45

      Marbled blue/black
      Marbled green/black

52* Le Tigre: (1918 patent?) Flat top wide band, flange lever. Le Tigre nib


52* Le Tigre: (1960s) Modern. Ink visible pen and ball point. Probably not made by CS England but for CS in Germany (See Le Tigre 521)


55* Le Tigre: Equivalent to CS 55

      Marbled blue/black
Marbled green/black

55* Le Tigre: Equivalent to CS 226?

      Cracked ice, peaked top, no band, diamond clip, CS lever

60M* Le Tigre: Lyceum RK. (RK= Belgian CS dealer). Shallow domed top, no bands, large round logo on long lever, warranted nib. Dimensions: Length - 13.4cm; barrel+section - 10.7cm; cap - 5.9cm.

61* Le Tigre Lyceum

      Chased Vulcanite, CPT, Lever, RK inscription on clip
      Lyceum (no number) Mottled Vulcanite CS lever? no clip

61* Le Tigre. Probably equivalent to CS 15.

      Black CPT

63* Le Tigre: Equivalent to CS 15. No cap band, CPT, Le Tigre nib

      Marbled blue/black veins

71* Le Tigre: Equivalent to CS 75, Le Tigre nib 1. Original Price, France, 200F.

      Marbled burgundy
      Marbled green/black
      Marbled blue/black

71* Le Tigre: The Mascot Pen with Le Tigre ball clip c1935.


73* Le Tigre: Equivalent to CS 475 or 479, cap bandless, peaked top, diamond clip

      Black, Le Tigre nib
      Marbled dark blue/black
      Blue moire (not numbered)
      Marbled light blue/black
      Marbled green/black
      Marbled burgundy/black

75* Le Tigre: Similar to CS 75 but with CP wide band diamond clip, NP stud. Le Tigre nib. Dimensions - 12.8cm; barrel + section: 9.8cm; cap: 6cm. Original Price: France, 250F.

      Marbled burgundy
      Marbled grey/blue
      Marbled green
      Marbled brilliant blue

83* Le Tigre: Equivalent to CS 85. Le Tigre nib No.3 . Original Price, France: 250F.

Marbled burgundy/black
      Marbled blue/black
      Marbled blue/gold veins
      Marbled green/gold veins
      Marbled pink/gold veins
      Marbled green/black

85* Le Tigre: Equivalent to CS 60


86* Le Tigre: Equivalent to CS 84, Original Price, France: 275F.

      Marbled green/gold veins
      Marbled blue/gold veins

100* Le Tigre: The following three pens listed as 100. Probably all are ink-pencils

      Marbled grey/blue BF. Flat-top diamond clip, no band, needle nib inscribed "H. Eggericks"
      Marbled burgundy/black, flat top, ball clip, no band, needle nib, Le Tigre clip
      Cracked ice (matching pencil #50) c1930 no bands, nickel clip

102* Le Tigre: Equivalent to CS 759

      Marbled green/black veins
Green moire
      Marbled burgundy/black veins
      Marbled blue/black veins

105* Le Tigre: Le Tigre clip, no cap band, nib Le tigre, BF.

      Black (Jeanne Van Putten)

110* Le Tigre Baby: Equivalent to CS Dinkie 540 Nib Le Tigre, peaked top, 1 band, diamond clip.

      Black Vulcanite
      Marbled red
      Marbled green
      Marbled blue

111* Le Tigre Baby: Equivalent to CS Dinkie 550. Set with No. 41 Le Tigre pencil

      Marbled green/black veins
      Marbled blue/black veins
      Marbled burgundy/black veins

112* Le Tigre Baby: as 111 but with wide band. Set with Le Tigre No. 42 pencil with wide band.

      Marbled blue/purple/gold/black veins (Jeanne Van Putten)

120* Le Tigre 1918: BF, Le Tigre 20 nib, 2 cap bands, c1930. (1918 is probably date of brand name)

      Marbled blue/black,
      Marbled green
      Mottled Vulcanite
      Blue measles
      Cracked ice (Jeanne Van Putten)

120* Le Tigre: Equivalent to CS 100. 3 cap bands (1 wide, 2 narrow)


132M* Le Tigre: ball clip with tiger's head logo, flat top, 1 band. LT tiger's head logo on barrel. Lever CS? Dimensions: 12cm closed

      Mottled Vulcanite

132P* Le Tigre: Flat top, diamond clip, 1 narrow band.


133M* Le Tigre, ball clip, flat top, 1 band. The mascot.

      Mottled vulcanite

133P* Le Tigre Diamond clip with Le Tigre logo, flat top, 1 narrow band and round CS shield on lever, GPT. Barrel marked "Le Tigre" with logo of laurel ring containing tiger's head and "No 133P" on same line . 14ct nib. Dimensions - length: 11.5cm; barrel + section: 9.1cm; cap: 5.7cm.

135* Le Tigre: Le Tigre nib

      Grey hatched
      Marbled green/black
      Tiger eye

140* Le Tigre: Equivalent to CS 28. Le Tigre 58 nib.

      Cracked ice,
      Green hatched
      Black, CS clip & CS lever
      Marbled green
      Tiger eye

142* Le Tigre: 1 band, peaked top, CS lever, Le Tigre nib 2N (Equivalent to CS 757).

      Green hatched,

146* Le Tigre: Le Tigre 1918 Flat top. CS clip and flange lever. Le Tigre 6 nib. (1918 is probably date of brand name)

      Chased black (JvP)

146M* Le Tigre: Flat top, fixed clip, no band. Le Tigre 1918 (on first line). Le Tigre 18ct nib. Length: 13.2cm. (JvP)

      Mottled Vulcanite (JvP)

153* Le Tigre: Equivalent to Duro No.1. I medium band, proud, fixed clip, flange lever,knurled flat top.

      Chased black

153B* Le Tigre: Flat top, fixed clip, medium band flange lever. (Le Tigre 1918 on first line). (Possibly equivalent to CS Duro No. 2) Length = 10.8cm.

      Chased black

155* Le Tigre: Equivalent to CS 24, Clip & lever CS, nib Le Tigre. And here's an interesting BOX holding a No. 155.

      Grey hatched
      Marbled green/black
      Marbled burgundy/black
      Cracked ice
      Marbled blue/black
      Burgundy hatch
      Tiger eye (Veerle)

160* Le Tigre: Equivalent to CS 27

      Cracked ice

230* Le Tigre: BF, Le Tigre clip & Le Tigre No. 30 nib, flat-top diamond clip, 2 narrow bands 1935.

      Purple brown
      Marbled green/black

286* Le Tigre: Peaked top, 1 band (c late 1930s), diamond clip (looks like CS 286)

      Marbled blue/black

300M* Le Tigre: The Mascot: Equivalent to CS 300M? Fixed clip, no bands, lever lollipop marked RK. Length: app. 12cm.

      Mottled Vulcanite (Veerle de Houwer)

315* Le Tigre: Equivalent to CS 388

      Marbled Blue/black
      Marbled green/black
      Marbled burgundy/black

340* Le Tigre: Equivalent to CS 58

      Cracked ice
      Grey hatch

340M* Le Tigre: (1930s) No clip, shallow domed top? I wide band at lip, boxed lever.

      Mottled Vulcanite

400 Le Tigre: Equivalent to CS 58 clip and lever CS, nib Le Tigre


421 Le Tigre: 1960s Uniform color. Most probably not made by Conway Stewart, probably made in Germany (see CS flighters).

      Pale blue

422 Le Tigre: 1960s Steel cap uniform barrel. Most probably not made by Conway Stewart, probably made in Germany (see CS flighters).

      Grey barrel

422N Le Tigre: 1960s Steel cap uniform barrel. Most probably not made by Conway Stewart, probably made in Germany (see CS flighters).

      Red plus ball point

475 Probably identical to CS 475.


521L Le Tigre: 1960s Black cap Ink vue barrel. Most probably not made by Conway Stewart, probably made in Germany (see Le Tigre 52).

      Green striped barrel

530S* Le Tigre: Dinkie size. No clip Equivalent to 526?

      Cream and mauve toothpaste

540A* Le Tigre. Ring top, self-coloured knob. No bands. (Equivalent to CS540).

      Grey toothpaste (JvP)

582* Le Tigre - "Baby" (Identical to Conway Stewart Dinkie 582) Shallow domed top, 1 medium cap band, 1 medium barrel band, straight lever, warranted 14ct nib. Dimensions - 9.2cm; barrel + section: 7cm; cap: 4cm.

      Chased black

726M* Le Tigre baby (Lambrou 2000).

1598* Le Tigre: 1 medium band, CS clip, hooded nib, pressure band. Equivalent to CS 106 (1960s)

      Blue barrel & cap

The "University" Pen

      Marbled burgundy (light & dark rose). W.C. Henderson & Sons Ltd. St Andrews

The Woodall-Duckham Vertical Retort & Oven Construction Company 1920 Ltd:

      Black, inscribed

The "Write Easy Pen" J.J. Gillingham & Son. Cheltenham.

      479 Marbled plum/black veins

RIV 2400 Arthur Hill

      Wood grain Dinkie ring-top 2 narrow bands (Propeller shield on lever is definitive for CS). (RIV 2400 = perhaps name and phone number of business)