a book of Conway Stewart numbers - page 5

No. 300 No. 301 No. 302 No. 303M No. 304 No. 306 No. 310 No. 311 No. 312 No. 312M No. 320 No. 329M No. 330 No. 333 No. 336M No. 336
No. 338 No. 350 No. 350a No. 353 No. 353M No. 356 No. 358 No. 360 No. 364 No. 366 No. 368 No. 369 No. 370 No. 371 No. 372 No. 373
No. 375 No. 378 No. 382 No. 380 No. 383M No. 386 No. 388 No. 393M

Rarity: In this update I have attempted to classify the relative rarity of the models according to the number of times I have recorded them. Also where many different colours were made for the same model, I have shown which colours are less common and consequently more desirable.

* = 0 to 1 record * = 2 to 4 records * = 5 to 10 records * = above 10 records * = more desirable

300* The Conway Stewart. Flat top, circular incision 5mm from cap rim, no clip, no bands, spatula lever, concave section = earlier. Domed top above 5 knurls, no clip, flange lever = later. Dimensions - length: 13.9cm; barrel+section: 10.9cm; cap: 6cm. (Original Price 10/6). And here's an early box.

      Chased black Vulcanite, earlier
      Chased black Vulcanite earlier (Harley & Cox, Dundee)
      Chased black later
      300M mottled Vulcanite, flat top, no clip, no bands
      300M mottled Vulcanite, domed top, no clip, no bands, flange lever, later, nib CS 5, ( H P Pope Ltd., Birmingham)
      300M Mottled Vulcanite (The Scholastic Trading Co).
      300T (?-1933 SH)
      300C (WES '99)

301* The Conway Stewart, 1 medium 9ct band, no clip, flange lever, nib CS 5. Dimensions - length: 13.7cm; barrel+section: 10.8cm; cap: 6.2cm.

      Chased black

301M* The Conway Stewart: Domed 5 tier knurled cap, 1 medium 9ct band, flange lever, washer ball clip, nib CS 5 Dimensions - length: 13.7cm; barrel+section: 10.8cm; cap: 6.2cm.

      301M Mottled Vulcanite
      Mottled Vulcanite, with modified crook shaped flange lever (DW)

302* The Conway Stewart, No clip 1 wide 18ct band. (SH)

      Chased black

303M* Pixie (WES '99)

304* The Conway Stewart

      Chased black, 2 9ct bands on barrel
      304M Mottled Vulcanite (1930-33) (Original price 21/-)

306, 306T* The Conway Stewart: Earliest: (1920s): CPT, flat-top with Wahl-Eversharp type ball clip starting half way down cap. No bands but incised groove around cap above lip. Concave section, two notches (grooves) one on each side of feed. Barrel with j-bar & straight lever & imprinted with The Conway Stewart (1st line), No.306 (2nd line), Made in England (3rd line). Nib probably Warranted. Dimensions - length: 13.5cm; barrel+section: 11. cm; cap: 5.8cm. (see No. 270) Early: (1933 SH) Not seen. (Original price 11/6)

      Chased black. Earliest
      Black. Early

306M* Flat 5-knurled top, no clip, no band. Flange lever. Dimensions - length: 13.3cm; barrel+section: 10.8 cm; cap: 5.8cm.

      Mottled Vulcanite

310, 310M* The Conway Stewart, (1930-33 SH). (Original price 12/6).

311* The Conway Stewart, clip 1 band (SH). Recorded in S. Hoffnung & Co. Ltd., price list, Brisbane 1936 as "extra thin model"

      Marbled green

312* The Conway Stewart (early 1930s): Cap - round-top, with 5-tiered knurl, no clip, no band, flange lever, 2 wide bands on barrel. Dimensions - length: 13.5cm; barrel+section: 10.9cm; cap: 6.3cm.

      Black chased Vulcanite
      Black chased Vulcanite, (engraved F.R. Hockliffe, Bedford)

312M T* (?-1933 SH), no clip, 2 wide bands either side of lever. (Original price 12/6)

      312M Mottled Vulcanite

320M* The Conway Pen: No clip, round top with 5-tiered? Knurl, medium GP band, lever with large shield. Length: 11.4cm.

      320M Mottled Vulcanite

320* Roll tip (early 1960 SH) Retractable ball-pen

329M* Mottled Vulcanite (?)

330* Scribe (1931-42 SH) no clip, no bands, round shield on lever, j bar, nib CS 3B. Cap screws onto bottom of barrel. (3 minor variations to imprint, probably according to production dates: #1 "Scribe" No 330. on first line, Conway Stewart London on 2nd line, Made in England across the barrel below the lever; #2 as #1 but first line is "Scribe" No. 330 with letters closely spaced; #3 as #1 but with Made in England on 3rd line and much larger logo on shield of lever). Dimensions - length: 13.5cm; barrel+section: 10.5cm; cap: 6cm.

      Chased black (Model 1)           Imprint
      Chased black (Model 2)            Imprint
      Chased black (Model 3)           Imprint
      Chased black (Model 2) but with propeller shaped logo on long lever (see 336)
      Inscribed Tuttills Ltd., Manchester (also with propeller lever)

333* Scribe: (c1930-1933) Slightly domed shallow flat -top, fixed clip with diamond logo or early fixed clip similar to No. 306. thread at end of barrel for posting cap only in later model. CPT. J-bar, no bands. Nib CS 2. Dimensions - length: 13.3cm; barrel+section: 10.6cm; cap: 5.9cm.

      Chased black fixed clip with shield & logo
      Chased black fixed clip without shield or logo (earliest)

336M*The Conway Stewart: (Pre 1920) Fixed CP clip, no shield, no band, narrow incision around cap about 1 cm from rim, long lollipop lever.

      Mottled Vulcanite

336* Scribe: (1932-42 SH) (matching pencil Nippy or Scribe) slightly domed shallow flat-top, ball clip, large round logo on lever (a), or small round logo on lever (b), j bar, no bands, CPT, nib CS 3B. Dimensions - length: 12.8cm; barrel+section: 10cm; cap: 5.8cm. These Scribes were marketed in special boxes. Here's one. Here also is a DISPLAY STAND for scribe pens.

      Blue measles* - with unusual propeller shaped logo on long lever
      Camouflage* (possibly = khaki)
      Burnished copper/black with ivory veins*
      Multicolor (green, red, blue, brown)
      Marbled light blue/gold/black veins*
      Lapis blue with gold inclusions*
      Blue/black mottled with some fawn*
      Blue brown marbled
      Blue/green/mauve swirl* (with unusual propeller shaped logo on long lever)
      Grey Jazz* "Gyppeswyck" for W.S. Cowell of Ipswich
      Moss agate,* (marbled/gold/green/black veins) (b) (set with scribe pencil)
      Marbled green with ivory veins
      Marbled blue & black with ivory veins* (a)
      Marbled green/black veins (a)
      Metallic green & black smoky pattern *(b)
      Uniform green with gold "spider-web markings" *(cap missing)
      Marbled dark blue/black veins
      Green/orange/brown wavy lines (primeval slime)* (b) (engraved W.H. Smith & Son Ltd. Salsebury or E.R. Hockliffe, Bedford)
      Marbled burgundy/black veins, (set with Nippy) (b)
      Burnished copper/gold/black veins* (set with Nippy)
      Black (b)

338* The International Pen: (1930-1933) Slightly domed shallow flat-top, ball clip with shield logo, small round logo on large ended CP lever, j bar, no bands, CPT, nib CS 3B. Dimensions - length: 12.8cm; barrel + section: 10cm; cap: 5.8cm.

      Marbled green/black

340M* Mottled HR (1930s): No clip, shallow domed top?, I wide band at lip, boxed lever.

     340M Mottled Vulcanite

350* The International Pen (1930-1933 SH) no clip, no bands, concave section. Cap threads on to end of barrel in some models. Nib CS 1A early. Dimensions - length: 13.2 cm; barrel+section: 10.7 cm; cap: 5.8 cm. Imprint

      Black chased Vulcanite
     Black chased Vulcanite This one has no thread on end of barrel

350* Conway (ball-pen) (WES '99)

353* Pixie lever pen (Post 1917 - pre 1925). Early. Flat top, fixed clip, not stepped, no bands, circular incision 1 cm from rim. Straight lever. (Original price 7/6). Dimensions - length: 13.3cm; barrel+section: 11cm; cap: 5.9cm. Later: Lollipop lever, no clip, green top inset in cap, length 14cm.


      Chased black and here's the Imprint



353M* The "Pixie" (- 1933 SH) Shallow domed top, no bands, lever, nib ? Dimensions - length: 13.3cm; barrel+section: 10.8cm; cap: 6cm

      353M Mottled Vulcanite

356* (The) International (Pen), (1932-42 SH), Fixed ball clip, no band, very shallow domed top, lever with large shield but small logo, section concave = early. Slightly tapered, slightly domed-top, ball or diamond clip, no bands. "Conway Stewart London" on second line, "No. 356" on third line, "Made in England" across barrel, = late. (Also an earlier version with small number imprint and smaller logo on lollipop). Nib CS 1A, CPT. Also "International No. 356" on first line, "Made in England" on third line. Dimensions, early - length: 13.5cm; barrel+section: 10.7cm; cap: 5.9cm. Dimensions, late - length: 13cm; barrel+section: 10.7cm; cap: 5.9cm. Here is an International box.

      Marbled grey/green/black veins
      Marbled blue/black
      Gold-brown and black*, ("Warren & Son, Chester")
      Toffee swirl*

The International Pen, early Imprint

      Chased black Vulcanite "W. Mark & Co. Ltd. Northampton"
      Chased black Vulcanite, "Roffey & Clark Ltd, Croydon"
      Mottled Vulcanite

The International Pen, late IMPRINT

      Chased black
      Tortoise shell*
      Marbled green/black veins
      Marbled khaki/blue/black veins*
      Mottled Vulcanite
      Autumn leaves
      Red jazz* (marbled grey/gold with blood red veins)
      Blood red/ marbled blue, gold veins*

International No 356 Imprint

      Chased black

358* Pixie :(?-1933 SH) Early: Domed top, no inset, no clip, no bands, flange lever. Nib CS11 (yes). Later: As above but with colored inset and large lollipop lever. Dimensions - length: 13cm; barrel + section: 10.8cm; cap: 5.9cm (Original Price 7/6)

      Chased black (Early)
      Black chased, green inset to cap top.
      Chased black, grey inset to cap top
      358M Mottled Vulcanite

360* The "International" Pen: (c1940s). Peaked top, diamond clip, no bands. Round shield on lever. Nib CS ?? Dimensions - length: 12.8cm; barrel+section: 10.5cm; cap: 5.7cm.

      Marbled metallic green/black
      Chased black

364* Universal (?-1930 SH)

366* Universal (?-1930 SH) No clip no bands. Straight lever (Original price 5/-) Here's a Universal box with the "Speedy Phil" logo.

      Chased black

368* Universal lever Pen: (?-1931 SH). No clip, 1 wide band, Lever with large lollipop CS shield. Nib warranted. Length: 13.3cm.

      Chased black Vulcanite
      Rosewood (very dark brown and black lines). Dimensions: length 12.5cm; barrel+section: 10cm; cap: 5.8cm. Nib CS. Boxed with same colour duro-point pencil in pseudo rosewood box. I have never seen this colour pattern before in any other CS pen or pencil

369* Universal (1920?-1931 SH). No clip no band, incised groove around cap near lip. Straight lever with spatula tip. Imprint larger than space to hold it perhaps indicating that pen was made for CS rather than by CS. Also raised screw and notched feed are not characteristic of CS pens. Nib CS no number, early design.

      Chased black

370* Universal Lever Pen (?-1930 SH) Very shallow domed top, no clip, no bands, incised groove around cap near lip. Notched feed and section shape are not characteristic of CS pens. Pope Birmingham nib. Dimensions - length: 13.7cm; barrel + section: 11cm; cap: 6cm. (Original Price 5/)

      Chased black straight lever
      Chased black flange lever
      Chased black. Imprint on barrel: G.C.T. van Dorp & Co. [first line], SEMARANG - SOERABAJA - BANDOENG [second line].) Nib warranted. G.C.T. van Dorp was a stationary store in the Netherlands and at that time Indonesia and the Islands belonged to the Netherlands. Info supplied by Jeanne van Putten.

371* Universal (WES '99)

372* The Conway Stewart: Very shallow domed top. Z shaped side mount clip, no band, incised groove around cap near lip. Notched feed, concave section. Straight lever with spatula tip. Guilloche pattern removed around imprint possibly indicating that the pen was made for CS rather than by CS. Warranted nib. Dimensions - length: 14cm; barrel+ section: 11cm; cap: 6.2cm.

      Chased black

372* The Universal Pen: Shallow domed top, CP fixed clip, no band, no groove, CP flange lever, CS nib. Dimensions - length: 13.2cm; barrel+ section: 10.7cm; cap: 5.9cm.

      Chased black

373* Universal Lever Pen: Very shallow domed top, no clip, no band, incised groove 5mm from cap lip. Straight spatula tipped lever. "Universal 373" on 1st line, lever pen on 2nd line, "Conway Stewart London" 3rd line, "Made in England" 4th line. Thread raised, feed notched. Nib very early CS. Dimensions: length: 13.6cm; barrel+section: 10.9cm; cap: 5.9cm. (Probably US manufacture).

      Black Vulcanite

375* Conway Stewart: Gold plated. Length - 13.5cm, nib CS 5.

378* Universal (WES '99)

380* The Conway Stewart:: (1935-1942 SH) Peaked black top & bottom, diamond clip, 2 bands (proud), nib CS 5N. Dimensions - length: 12.8cm; barrel+section: 9.9cm; cap: 5.8cm. (Original price 12/6)

      Cracked ice*
      Gold/red marble (Autumn leaves)
      Marbled burgundy/black veins
      Marbled green
      Blue rock-face*
      Reversed cracked ice*

382* The Conway Stewart (pre 1925): Flat top, fixed clip, not stepped, no band on cap, narrow circular groove 1cm from cap lip. Spatula lever, 2 broad bands on barrel. Nib CS. Dimensions - length: 13.7cm; barrel+section: 11.1cm; cap: 5.9cm.

      Chased black Vulcanite           Imprint, lever and clip
      This is a mystery pen

383M* The Pixie lever pen: (c late 1920's) Very shallow domed top. No clip, medium- wide band near cap lip. Large shield on lollipop lever.

      Mottled Vulcanite, boxed with Duro Point pencil

386* The Conway Stewart: peaked top, diamond clip, GPT, 3 narrow bands very closely spaced, or 1 narrow band. Nib CS 5N. Dimensions - length: 12.5cm; barrel+section: 10cm; cap: 5.8cm.

      Marbled blue
      Black, 1 band

388* (The) Conway Stewart: (c1939-1955 SH) Peaked-top, diamond clip, 2 narrow bands surrounding 1 medium band; The Conway Stewart, number on 2nd line - early; Conway Stewart, number on 1st line - late, nib CS 5N. Dimensions - length: 12.5cm; barrel+section: 10cm; cap: 5.8cm. Matching pencil Conway 33. (Original price 21/-)

The Conway Stewart: (c1939-1949) IMPRINT

      Marbled green (no bands!)
      Marbled burgundy
      Plum hatched old style
      Blue hatched old style
      Green hatched?? (no record - does it exist?)
      Marbled green
      Marbled blue

Conway Stewart: (c1950-1955) IMPRINT

      Marbled forest green
      Marbled green
      Marbled blue
      Marbled burgundy

393M* Pixie: (1920s) No clip, rounded top, wide band. Concave section. Length 13cm.

      Mottled vulcanite flange lever
      Mottled Vulcanite, large lollipop lever