A book of Conway Stewart numbers - page 6

No. 400 No. 402 No. 406 No. 414 No. 417 No. 440 No. 444 No. 447 No. 448 No. 450 No. 452 No. 458 No. 460 No. 464 No. 465 No. 466 No. 467 No. 468
No. 470 No. 472 No. 475 No. 476 No. 477 No. 478 No. 479 No. 480 No. 484 No. 485 No. 486 No. 489 No. 490 No. 492 No. 493 No. 494 No. 495M No. 496
No. 498 No. 499

Rarity: In this update I have attempted to classify the relative rarity of the models according to the number of times I have recorded them. Also where many different colours were made for the same model, I have shown which colours are less common and consequently more desirable.

* = 0 to 1 record * = 2 to 4 records * = 5 to 10 records * = above 10 records * = more desirable

400, 400M, 400T* The Conway Stewart: (1933-1936? SH) (Original price 10/6)

402* The Conway Stewart: (1920s). Slightly domed top, no clip, no knurls, 1 wide 9ct gold band covering cap lip and with incised groove. Concave section, raised screw on barrel, straight lever ending in spatula. Nib early CS no number. Dimensions - Length: 10.6cm; barrel+section: 8.6cm; cap: 5.2cm.

      Chased Black Vulcanite

406, 406M, 406T* The Conway Stewart: (?-1933 SH) (Original price 11/6)

414* The Conway Pen (c1920's): Desk top pen, 2 bands between barrel and tail, flange lever.

      Mottled Vulcanite
      Black Vulcanite, black tail
      Black Vulcanite red tail

417* The Conway Stewart: (c1938 SH), no clip no bands.

      Black hard rubber (no clip or bands on cap)

440* (1948/50 Post war plastics shortage? Perhaps the number similarity between the 240 and 440 is not a coincidence. Clearly for the 240, materials were used that were originally destined for the manufacture of Gold-Starry pens. In this case perhaps material that was available to Swan, Summit and other companies was also used by Conway Stewart. The WES list of CS numbers does not include this model. However it does exist, and I have confirmation from the most reliable source. (Another valid theory is that it was made by Summit during the period of 1948 - 50 when the company moved to Enfield and temporarily ceased production while re-tooling for the new post-war models.)

      Green lizard, BF. (BC Nov " 1997) (warranted nib, Summit style clip c1920s)
      Silver-grey lizard, warranted nib, Summit style clip, (BC '94)
      Pink lizard (pictured in BC with stepped clip identical to Summit model, sold for 130)

444* (Conway Stewart?): Vestige of imprint rubbed off as if on purpose except for clear imprint of number -- No 444 --. Similar to No. 17 candle flame but with black flat plastic stud and 1 narrow band. Shield on lever smaller than CS17, bottom rounded - not pointed. Nib CS. GPT. Dimensions - Length: 13.2cm; barrel+section: 10 cm; cap: 5.7cm.

      Red/black candle flame

Note: Since writing the above, I believe this pen to be a fake. I came across an identical green candle flame at Newark (regretfully didn't buy it) with the number 444 but another name above it. Neither the clip, lever or nib were CS and on my pen I now believe these were replacements and the imprint had been rubbed out in order to deceive. Obviously the same plastic so it's just possible that CS made it as a Custom pen. Update Oct 2003: I have just purchased an identical pen in green candle flame, but the imprint clip and nib are Summit, and the lever is broken. There is no number. Update Nov 2005: Now I have it, the pen is called a Bond "Easy-flow" 444 - info supplied by a kind person whose name I have lost. But here is a picture.

      Green/black candle-flame
      Bond easy-flow 444 in blue candle flame

447* The Conway: (WES No.59, 2000). No details.

448* The Conway Pen: diamond or ball clip, 1 band, flat-top or peaked top, nib CS 1. Dimensions - length: 12.9cm; barrel+section: 10.5cm; cap: 5.5cm. Matching pencil Conway 21.

      Grey/black marbled with blue inclusions, ball clip
      Toffee swirl
      Green hatched (peaked top)
      Blue hatched
      Burgundy hatched (peaked top)
      Autumn leaves (marbled green/brown/gold) (boxed with The Conway #21)
      Blue silver and black swirl (set with 21) (This colour variation I have never recorded before, but is similar to the "Relief 3L")

450* The Conway Pen Manifold: (c1938-40 SH) Peaked top, diamond clip, no band. Nib 5M (=manifold). Dimensions - length: 13.1cm; barrel+section: 10.6cm; cap: 5.7cm. (Original price 10/6)

      Chased black

452* The Conway Pen (1935-38): no band, peaked top, CPT, nib CS 3; Manifold (c1938-42) Universal (1930-31) (SH). Dimensions:- length: 13.1cm; barrel+section: 10.6cm; cap: 5.7cm. (Original 7/6)

      Black The Conway Pen

458* The Conway Pen: (1933 SH) domed top, fixed ball clip, no bands, boxed lever with large CS shield, nib CS 3A, CPT . Dimensions - length: 13.5cm; barrel+section: 10.8cm; cap: 5.9cm. Original price 7/6.

      Chased black, Richardson's St Albans
      458M Mottled Vulcanite, no clip, broad band at base of cap, nib CS 5

460* The Conway Pen: flat top, ball clip, 1 narrow band, black bottom, nib CS 3, CPT. Dimensions - length: 12.8cm; barrel+section: 10.4cm; cap: 5.5cm.

      Toffee swirl
      Autumn leaves (marbled green/brown/gold) boxed with CS 11 pencil
      Marbled silver/black/blue veins
      Red jazz (marbled grey/gold with blood red veins)

464* The Universal Pen (?-1933 SH)

465* (1930s) Shallow peaked top, no band, straight lever, nib CS 3. Dimensions - Length: 13.3 cm; barrel+section: 10.8cm; cap: 5.5cm. A most perplexing pen: The top, clip, lever, thread and section are atypical of Conway Stewart. Probably made for Conway Stewart rather than by Conway Stewart.

      Black chased, no band, diamond or ball clip

466* The Universal Pen: (1937? - 1942 SH); early models = no clip, shallow domed top, no band, GPT; later model = diamond clip, no band, peaked top, CPT, nib CS 1N or CS 1. Dimensions (late model) - length: 12 cm; barrel+section: 9.5cm; cap: 5.5cm. (5/-)

Earlier model:

      Chased Black Vulcanite, flange lever, nib CS 1 old style, (13.6cm).
      Grey Jazz*, lever with large round shield, (12.5cm)
      Black (Hope's Pen Corner Birmingham)
      Blue measles*
      466M Mottled Vulcanite (13.5cm) (A. Wheaton & Co., Ltd., flange lever Exeter BR) (?-c1937 SH)
      466M Engraved "The Rose Lever Filler" Rose & Co. Southampton flange lever)

Later model:

      Marbled blue/black
      Marbled green/black
      Marbled raspberry black veins
      Chased black (12.5cm)

467* The Universal Pen: Shallow domed top, no clip, 2 bands, J bar, GPT. Nib CS 3.

      Mottled Vulcanite flange lever Dimensions - length: 13.5cm; barrel+section: 11cm; cap: 5.9cm.
      Chased Black
      Blue measles, lever with large shield, bands proud. Dimensions - length: 12.8cm; barrel+section: 10.2cm; cap:5.9cm.
      Green measles, lever with large shield, bands on cap recessed but not fitted

468* The Universal Pen (1931) (later The Conway Pen, 1931-33 SH), nib CS 5. Dimensions - length: 13.2cm; barrel+section: 10.7cm; cap: 5.8cm.

468M *The Conway Pen, 2 medium gold bands, proud, on barrel, cap with slightly domed top, no knurls, no clip, flange lever

      Mottled Vulcanite (W. Whittington, Neath)

470* The Universal Pen (c1928- c1938 SH): Early: Shallow domed top, flange lever, no bands with or without clip, RGT, nib CS 5. Later: Lollipop lever. Dimensions - length: 13.7cm; barrel+section: 11cm; cap: 5.9cm (Original Price 5/-, later 5/6) (Matching pencil Nippy?)

      Multicolor, (green red violet)
      Chased black Vulcanite, The Borough pen W.H. Smith & Son, Middlesborough.
      Chased black Vulcanite, with clip
      Chased black Vulcanite, early, length 13.4cm
      Chased black Vulcanite early
      Marbled slate grey later
      Chased black Vulcanite, later, no clip (imprint faded)
      470M Mottled Vulcanite, ( c1938 SH) Dimensions - length: 13.4cm; barrel+section: 10.8cm; cap: 6cm.
      470M Mottled Vulcanite, The Castle
      470M Manifold Pen, mottled Vulcanite, flange lever
      470M Mottled Vulcanite. The Bank Self-filling pen. Rixon & Arnold Ltd, 12 Queen St E.C

472* The Universal Pen (1930s) Cap very slightly domed. Fixed RG clip, no band. Flange lever. Nib Warranted or CS1. Dimensions - length: 13.1 cm; barrel+section: 10.7cm; cap: 5.9cm.

      Chased black
      Chased black with broad custom band

472* The Conway Pen: Domed top, fixed clip, flange lever = early model; ball clip, flat top and round shield on lever = later model; (appearance identical to 475, possibly export model). Dimensions - length: 12.8 cm; barrel+section: 10.3cm; cap: 5.7cm.

      Chased black Late model
      Raspberry Late model

475* The Conway Stewart, later The Conway Pen: fixed clip, flange lever = early model; ball clip, flat top and round shield on lever = later model; or diamond clip, peaked top and diamond shield on lever = late model. The late model with either small or large number; no bands, RGT or CPT. Nib CS 3 or 2. Dimensions - length: 13cm; barrel+section: 10.4cm; cap: 5.8cm.

Unassigned (not seen in original)

      The Tudor Pen, Marbled green/black (for W.H. Smith & Son, Ltd., Worthing)
      The Richmond, Marbled green/black (for W.H. Smith & Son, Ltd Richmond)
      Light green marble
      Plum hatched =mauve striated, with visible barrel
      The Constable Marbled mauve (for W.S. Cowell of Ipswich)
      The Granta Pen, Marbled mauve (for Jarrold & Sons Ltd., Cambridge
      Moss agate* for M. A. Rudd & Son, Exeter

The Conway Stewart (c 1930) Imprint

      Chased black Vulcanite early model
      Chased black Vulcanite, later model

The Conway Pen, later model: (c1933) (Original price 7/6)

      Silver grey & black with blue swirl*
      Chased black Vulcanite
      Blue agate* (what I call Lapis lazuli! CPT)
      Blue/brown pearly swirl*
      Chased black, flange lever, domed top?
      Grey/black marble, ball clip, Engraved for Boots Stationary Dept.
      Red veined grey jazz* (early model) GPT
      Moss agate (bronze/green/green-pearl/brown/black)* CPT
      Moss agate* (as above but without pearl) GPT (shorter barrel only) (early model)

The Conway Pen, Transition model:

      Chased black
      The Rose, Toffee swirl. (Rose & Co Southampton.) diamond clip, flat top
      Metallic grey moire* CPT
      Coffee moire*. (CPT peaked top, diamond clip , round shield on lever, j bar)
      Pink moire (CPT peaked top, diamond clip , round shield on lever, j bar)

The Conway Pen, Late model: (c1937- 1940s) IMPRINT

      Blue hatch cap, matching ink visible barrel, small number
      Burgundy hatch cap, matching ink-visible barrel (also long barrel)
      Black cap, Tiger-skin ink-visible barrel* GPT
      Marbled green/black large number CPT
      Toffee swirl* GPT
      Toffee swirl* RGT very short model (12.1 cm)
      Deep Blue hatched (early style) small number GPT
      Bottle green hatched small number GPT
      Burgundy hatched (discolored to brown) small number GPT
      Marbled blue/black 2 bands
      Marbled blue/black large number GPT
      Green hatch cap, matching ink visible barrel, small number (also black cap)
      Uniform Chocolate brown large number GPT
      Marbled burgundy & black GPT large number
      Uniform Aubergine
      Uniform Forest (avocado) green large number
      Burgundy hatched (early style)
      Black GPT large number
      Black medium number
      Black GPT, cap Vulcanite, small number
      475M Mottled Vulcanite(1933-40) The Conway Pen, late model

476* Conway Stewart, and The Universal Pen: (1935-38 SH) rounded or flat top, fixed clip flange or large lollipop lever = earliest model; flat top, ball clip, round shield on lever, 1 band = early model. Fixed clip, shallow domed top, flange lever, 1 band, section concave = early model; ball clip, flat top, round shield on lever, 1 band, section tapered = late model. Dimensions - length: 13.4cm; barrel+section: 10.8cm; cap: 5.8cm.
     The Conway Pen: (1935-38 SH) flat top, ball clip, round shield on lever, 1 band = early model; diamond clip, peaked cap, diamond shield on lever, 1 band = late model; (matching pencil "Nippy"). Nib CS1. Dimensions - length: 12.9cm; barrel+section: 10.5cm; cap: 5.7cm.

Unassigned (not seen in original)

      GlenLyon Pen, Marbled green/black, ball clip, (Lyon of Glasgow)
      Marbled red/burgundy/blue veins 1930s Early model
      Jackdaw pen. Black (Ball clip, flat top = early model) (see Jackdaw pen for Gouldens Canterbury)

The Universal Pen - early model: Imprint

      Chased black Vulcanite band proud, (Made in England beneath No. 476)
      Black Vulcanite, band flush, nib CS 5, (imprint with Made in England transverse, beneath Pat No.)
      Mottled Vulcanite (flat top, flange lever)
      Green measles*
      Marbled burnished copper/black

The Universal Pen - late model:

      Marbled raspberry
      Marbled green/black
      Marbled Green/black veins
      Marbled bottle green
      Marbled slate-grey blue
      Marbled burnished copper/black (diamond clip)

The Conway Pen early model:

      Marbled plum/black
      Chased black Vulcanite

The Conway Pen late model:

      Marbled green/black veins
      Marbled burgundy/black veins
      Marbled deep-blue/black veins

477* The Universal Pen: rounded top, ball clip, flange lever, 2 bands. Later The Conway Pen: peaked top, diamond clip, 2 bands. Nib CS 3A. Dimensions - length: 13.2cm; barrel+section: 10.7cm; cap: 5.8cm. (All Conway models recorded so far are from Australia)

The Conway Pen:

      Marbled slate blue/black
      Marbled burgundy
      Black Vulcanite (in khaki military pouch imprinted Conway Stewart with DP No.1 pencil)
      Mottled Vulcanite
      Marbled green
      Autumn leaves? or perhaps a toffee swirl? or perhaps a faded marbled burgundy?

478* The Universal Pen

      "Grey clouds" (BC 1999 International ?)
      478M The Universal, ?-1931 (SH)
      478M The Conway, 1931-33 (SH)

479* The Universal Pen: (c1931-1950), no bands; Flat-top, fixed ball clip, CPT large round shield on flange lever -blue model seen in 1931 advert= earliest model. Domed top, ball clip, flange lever, CPT (Original Price 5/6) = earlier model; ball clip, flat top and round shield on lever = early model; diamond clip, peaked top and diamond shield on lever = late model. (Matching pencil "Nippy"). Nib CS 3 or CS 1. Dimensions - length: 12.5cm; barrel+section: 10.1cm; cap: 5.5cm.

Unassigned (not seen in original)

      Chased black Vulcanite, Ball clip, Hopkins & Sons Ltd., Electrical Engineers, London
      Marbled blue black + black vertical lines*
      Marbled burgundy/navy blue veins*

Earliest model, (fixed clip).

      Chased black Vulcanite
      Chased black Vulcanite "The Nesco Pen" (N of E Sch Furn Co. Ltd., Darlington)
      479M Mottled Vulcanite The Scholastic trading company Bristol
      Bloody swirl. Lever not flanged.(=479C?)

Earlier model, (washer clip). Dimensions - length: 13.2cm; barrel+section: 10.7cm; cap: 6cm.

      Blue measles* (diamond clip)
      Marbled pearl with black flecks
      Chased black Vulcanite (flat top)
      479M Mottled Vulcanite (?-c1938 SH), nib CS 5.
      Mottled Vulcanite The Scholastic trading company Bristol

Early model: (Original price 5/6)

      Turquoise green marble , ball clip
      Deep green/black marble (=bottle green) ball clip, (for Morgan & Higgs, Swansea & Llanelli)
      Light green-yellow swirl (could be Jade?)
      Lapis lazuli*
      Lightblue/silver and black
      Marbled Green/black
      Marbled blue
      The Tudor Pen, Marbled bottle-green, WH Smith & Son, Ltd., Worthing
      Marbled bottle green,
      Marbled bottle green, Paul and Mathew, Dundee
      The Fontibus pen, Marbled bottle green, WH Smith & Son Ltd., Harrogate,
      Marbled red amber (diamond clip)
      479M The Tudor Pen, Mottled HR, WH Smith & Son, Ltd., Worthing

Transitional model

      Marbled raspberry
      Chased black, flat-top, diamond clip

Late model

      Marbled green/black
      Marbled blue "The Thistle pen" W.M. Kidd & Sons Ltd. Dundee, flat top
      Black chased
      Marbled green/black
      Marbled blue/black imprinted "Bon Marche Gloucester Ltd"
      Marbled raspberry/black* "The International Stores Ballina"
      Marbled deep plum/black plus imprint.
      Black chased (no clip chasing extends on to sides of top) nib CS1
      Marbled raspberry/black veins
      Marbled blue/black
      Marbled blue (cap marbled blue/black as above, barrel different)
      479C Universal (WES '99)
      479MS Universal. With 2 blue & 1 black bands below cap top. (WES No. 59 2000)
      479S Universal "Ripple" (Mottled Vulcanite)

480* The Universal Pen: Fixed clip (early), peaked-top, ball clip, (late); nib CS 3 or 1. (Identical to 479, the export model to Australia & New Zealand). Dimensions - length: 12.5cm; barrel+section: 10.1cm; cap: 5.5cm.

      Marbled blue
      Marbled deep plum/black veins*
      Marbled raspberry/black veins
      Marbled slate blue/black
      Marbled blue
      Marbled green
      Chased black
      Mottled Vulcanite

484* The Conway Pen: 2 bands, GPT, diamond clip.


485* The Conway Pen: (1933-40 SH), black flat or peaked top & blind cap, BF, ball or diamond clip, no bands, GPT, Nib CS ? Dimensions - length: 12.8-13.1cm; barrel+section: 10.5-10.8cm; cap: 5.7cm. Patent on barrel - 297194. Matching pencil: The Conway 21.

      Marbled blue black
      Blue hatched, peaked top, diamond clip
      Reversed cracked ice with blue streaks*
      Toffee swirl
      Chased black
      Marbled grey/black with blue veins*
      Marbled green/black
      Burgundy hatched
      Green hatched
      485M Mottled Vulcanite

486* The Universal Pen (1930s) Barry Rose says this pen is similar to the 480. He sent me the imprint.

      Raspberry with black veins Imprint only.

489* The Conway Pen (1930s) Peaked top, diamond clip, 2 medium bands on barrel. Dimensions: length 13.2cm; barrel+section: 10.6cm; cap: 5.7cm.

      Chased black

490* The Universal Pen: (later The Conway Pen)

      490M The Conway Pen, mottled Vulcanite, 2 thin cap bands no clip. (1931-38, SH). Also with wide band.
      490M Universal (?- 1931, SH)

492* The Conway Pen (SH): (Also Conway Stewart Pen.) Flat-top, 2 medium gold bands on barrel. Dimensions: Length 12.9cm, barrel+section 10.5cm; cap 5.5cm.

      Green/black marbled, diamond clip,
      Chased black

493* The Universal Pen: (1931). Later The Conway Pen: (1931-35 SH). Nearly flat-top, no clip, 2 bands on cap, flange lever.

      Chased black
      493M The Conway (1931-35 SH)
      493M Universal (1931)

494* The Conway Pen: flange lever & flat top - early; or diamond clip, peaked top & shield lever - late. 2 bands.

      Chased black
      Marbled blue
      494M Mottled Vulcanite (1931-35 SH)

495M* The Conway Pen: Fixed clip, slightly domed top, flange lever, 2 medium bands on barrel. Nib CS No.5.

      Mottled Vulcanite (oversize)

496* The Conway Pen: flat top, ball clip 2 bands, GPT, nib CS 2. Dimensions - length: 13; barrel+section: 10.5cm; cap: 5.7cm.

      Pale-green & grey schist/black
      Mottled green
      Black/blue-grey schist
      Burgundy schist

498* The Universal Pen (early 1930's). Shallow rounded top, no clip, 1 wide band, flange lever.

      Chased black

499* The Conway Pen (1931-35 SH):

      499M The Conway mottled Vulcanite, fixed clip, 2 cap bands