A book of Conway Stewart numbers - page 4

No. 200 No. 202 No. 202M No. 203 No. 204 No. 205 No. 206 No. 208M No. 210 No. 211 No. 212 No. 214 No. 215
No. 217 No. 219 No. 226 No. 226M No. 236 No. 240 No. 256 No. 266 No. 270 No. 275 No. 280 No. 281 No. 282
No. 284M No. 285 No. 286

Rarity: In this update I have attempted to classify the relative rarity of the models according to the number of times I have recorded them. Also where many different colours were made for the same model, I have shown which colours are less common and consequently more desirable.

* = 0 to 1 record * = 2 to 4 records * = 5 to 10 records * = above 10 records * = more desirable

200* The Conway Stewart: From advert c1918, The Conway Stewart 200 shows the straight or spatula lever imprinted "Pat . Aug 28. 1917". This picture differs from the earliest model in my collection in the shape of the section. However, I now have in my possession, a pen identical to the pen in the advert, imprinted "Lever self-filling safety pen" but without "Conway Stewart". The patented lever indicates the pens were made in the US and is interesting in that the fulcrum is not mid-way along the lever, but at the end. Earliest - flat-top, incised groove around lip of cap, concave section, raised thread, straight lever. Warranted nib. Later - round top with no clip, or flat top without fixed clip, (200M with or without clip) no bands, - flange lever, concave section Nib CS 5. Latest - Flat top, washer ball clip lollipop lever, sloping section, nib CS 5. Dimensions - length: 13.4cm; barrel+section: 11cm; cap: 5.9cm. (Original Price 10/6)

US Patent : "Pat. Aug 28 1917"

      Chased black (no number or CS affiliation)
      Chased black (no number or CS affiliation )

EARLIEST (post 1917-pre1925)

      Chased black imprinted "Rose & Co. Southampton"

LATER (post 1925-pre1935

      Chased Black domed top
      Chased black flat top
      200M Mottled vulcanite No clip, domed knurled top, CS5 nib
      200 Jade No cap
      200M Mottled Vulcanite, no clip, flat knurled top, flange lever. And here's an imprint.
      200M Mottled Vulcanite, fixed ball clip, flat plain top, flange lever, Selfridge London
      200M Mottled Vulcanite, washer diamond clip, shallow domed plain top, flange lever
      200T Conway Stewart Chased red Vulcanite. Rounded knurled black top. Two medium GP bands on barrel. Flange lever. Dimensions - length: 13.9cm; barrel+section: 11cm; cap: 5.9cm.

LATEST (post1935-pre1940)

      Chased black flat top, lollipop lever
      200M Mottled Vulcanite, washer ball clip, domed knurled top, lollipop lever

202* The Conway Stewart, Spatula lever, (From advert c1918, showing lever imprinted "Pat . Aug 28. 1917". Later: One wide (1cm) 9ct band, very slightly domed top with no clip, straight lever, nib early CS. Dimensions length: 13.4cm; barrel+section: 10.9cm; cap 6.2cm.

      Chased black Vulcanite

202M,T* The Conway Stewart :(?-1933 SH) (Original price 15/-)

      Mottled Vulcanite

203 * The Conway Stewart (Post 1917-1933 SH) Earliest Flat top, fixed ball clip without logo (not stepped), circular groove 0.5 cm from rim. Barrel imprinted "Made in England". Straight lever. Mint pen marketed without nib indicating it should be fitted with a warranted nib, since presumably CS nibs were not yet manufactured.

EARLIEST (post 1917-pre1925)

      Chased black Vulcanite (from India) Imprint

204* The Conway Stewart: Earliest (post 1917-pre1925) chased Vulcanite, shallow domed top, no band, no clip, spatula lever, 2 medium 9ct bands on barrel. (From advert c1918, showing lever imprinted "Pat . Aug 28. 1917". Early (post 1925) Section concave, 2 medium 9ct bands on barrel. no clip no bands on cap, flange lever, 5-tiered knurled domed top, two 6mm wide 9ct or 18ct bands on barrel, nib CS 5 old style. Dimensions - length: 13.8cm; barrel+section: 10.8cm; cap: 6.3cm. 204M The Conway Stewart: 5-tiered knurled flat top, washer ball clip.

EARLIEST (post 1917-pre1925)

      Chased black Vulcanite

EARLY (post 1925-pre1935)

      Chased Black A. Wheaton &Co Exeter, bands 9ct bands, (engraved J. Harper)
      Flat top (later)
      204M Mottled Vulcanite, bands 18ct bands (Original price 21/-)
      204M Mottled Vulcanite 9ct bands

LATER (post 1935)

      Chased black, lollipop lever
      204T Conway Stewart (Original price 21/-)

205* The Conway Stewart: No details

      205M Conway Stewart Fixed clip, flange lever, no bands.

206* The Conway Stewart: (Pre 1917 until late 1930s. 1931 advert): Flat top, or rounded top, fixed ball clip without logo, circular incision 1cm from rim, concave section, raised thread on barrel, straight lever, warranted nib = Earliest. As before but without clip and imprinted "Made in England" beneath No. 206. Nib, warranted = Very Early. Rounded top, fixed ball clip, oval plate on clip, no bands, flange lever, nib CS 5 or CS5A. Dimensions - length: 13.2cm; barrel+section: 10.7cm; cap: 5.9cm, (11/6) = Early. Flat top, fixed ball clip, oblong plate on clip, no bands, flange lever = Later. Peaked top, diamond clip, 1 narrow band, or no bands = Even Later.


      Chased black


      Chased black (Mint from India, original lever badly corroded).


      Chased black rounded top. (The "low-quality" clip and flange lever prepared as if for submission to Patent Office. i.e. pre-production designs with separate logo shield stapled onto to clip with staple teeth entering into cap, (see Duro No.1), and shield (without CS logo) glued onto lever. Barrel imprint with "Patent Applied for".
      Chased black, as above but with broad band on barrel.
      Chased black, fixed ball clip (no stepped CS logo = American style) circumferential furrow near to cap lip.


      Chased Black (flat top oblong shield)
      Chased black as above but with medium band.
      Blue measles
      Chased black Vulcanite (rounded top oblong shield)
      206M Mottled Vulcanite Vulcanite (rounded top oblong shield)
      206M Mottled Vulcanite Flat top. W.H. Smith & Sons Ltd Bournemouth (?-1934 SH)
      206T Tan hard rubber (?-1933 SH)


      Cracked ice
      Marbled raspberry/black
      Toffee swirl
      Marbled light blue & gold
      Marbled green & black
      Chased black
      Black, 2 narrow gold bands on barrel
      Blue rock-face
      206 P Marbled green/black (peaked top, diamond washer clip, 9mm wide crimped 9ct band at rim of cap engraved E.C.S. Peaked black bottom disc. Nib CS5, much later)
      Reversed cracked ice Band engraved. (Picture from Peter Ford, Melbourne)

208M* Mottled Vulcanite, knurled round top, fixed ball clip (BC Feb '94)

210* The Conway Stewart: (c1933) Flat top, no clip, 2 narrow bands on cap, flange lever. (Original Price 12/6)

      210M (1930-34) With clip.

211* The Conway Stewart: Flange lever, 1 band, no clip, knurled black top, nib CS 5. (Boxed with Conway 2 pencil)

      Grey Jazz, diamond clip, (matching pencil Conway No.2)
      Blue/green swirl boxed with Conway 2 pencil
      Blue measles
      211M Clip 1 band(1930-1934) Mottled Vulcanite (Original price 11/6)

212* The Conway Stewart: (?-1933 SH). Flange lever, 2 GP medium bands on barrel. Dimensions - length: 13.7cm; barrel+section: 10.9cm; cap: 6.3cm.

      Black Vulcanite
      212M (?-1933) Mottled Vulcanite

      212T (?-1933) Clip, no bands (Original price 12/6)

214* The Conway Stewart, Desk pen, 2 bands between barrel & tail, nib CS 5. Dimensions - length: 17cm

      Black Vulcanite flange lever with black tail
      Black Vulcanite lollipop lever with ruby tail

      Black Vulcanite Flange lever with mottled tail

215* The Conway Stewart: Desk pen (Vulcanite 1930s)


217* The Conway Stewart: (1930's) peaked cap, diamond clip, shield lever, cap with one 6mm wide, or two narrow bands (Most pens occurring in Australia and NZ). Nib CS 5. Dimensions - length: 12.9cm; barrel+section: 10.2-10.4cm; cap: 5.7m.

      Cracked ice 1 cap band,
      Cracked ice 2 cap bands,
      Reversed cracked ice* (NZ)
      Autumn leaves, (marbled red copper/brown/gold)
      Marbled green/black 2 bands
      Black (Australia)
      Marbled green/black, 1 band (shorter barrel)
      Marbled plum/black, 1 band
      Marbled blue/black, 1 band
      Blue rock-face

219* BF, diamond clip, no bands

      Chased black (for: Midland Bank Ltd.)

226* The Conway Stewart: (c1933-1946); flat top, round shield on lever, ball or diamond clip , or no clip, no bands = early model; peaked top, diamond clip, diamond shield on lever, no bands = late model; nib CS 5A (also briefly available as button filler from end 1932, SH). Dimensions - length: 13cm; barrel+section: 10.5cm; cap: 5.7cm. (Original price 10/6)

Very early model (c1930) Flat-top, 5-tiered knurl, fixed ball clip & flanged lever. Dimensions - length: 13.6cm; barrel+section: 11cm; cap: 5.9cm.

      Chased black*
      Chased black (later) no clip, lollipop lever, length 13.2 cm.

Early model: (Original price 10/6)

      Marbled blue/black (Brittens, 77 High Street Birmingham)
      Marbled blue/black "Selfridges"
      Chased black
      Aqua- (subtle) green/black veins* (W.C. Henderson & Son Ltd. St Andrews)
      Marbled plum/black
      Marbled burnished copper/gold* (ball clip)

      Dark blue/black
      Marbled green/black - button filler*

Late model: (Original price 12/6 in 1943)

      Marbled green/black veins
      Marbled sky blue/ slate blue/gold*
      Marbled cherry/black veins
      Reversed cracked ice
      Cracked ice*
      Chased black
      Blue rock-face*


      Marbled green/black

226M* The Conway Stewart: (?-1937 SH) (Original price 10/6)

     Mottled Vulcanite. 5-tiered knurled flat-top, fixed clip, lever in lever-box
     Mottled Vulcanite. 5-tiered knurled flat-top, flange lever, no clip?
     Mottled Vulcanite. Flat top with washer type diamond clip, lollipop lever

236* The Conway Stewart: : peaked top, diamond clip, 2 narrow 1 medium band, nib CS 5. Small number - early, large number - late. (Export model to Australasia?) Dimensions - length: 13 cm; barrel+section: 10.4cm; cap: 5.7cm.

      Cracked ice* IMPRINT
      Marbled burgundy/black
      Marbled green, small number
      Marbled light green, small number
      Marbled blue/black, large number
      Black, small number
      Reversed cracked ice*, small number

240* Conway: (1930s-40 BC, SH) shallow or normal peaked top, diamond clip, straight lever, no bands. Feed plain or notched. Nib warranted or CS 5, GPT. Dimensions - length: 12.7cm; barrel: 10.2cm; cap: 5.6m. (Note: The spiral design is not present in any other CS model. However there is a silver/black spiral "Gold Starry" from 1935 in "A passion for pens p.150" very similar in design to the 240. Other points in common are the shallow peaked top, the straight clip & the peaked bottom. Since CS manufactured pens for "Gold Starry" it is possible that this series is made from end stock destined for the French market). (Recently I have seen pictures of "National Security" pens made in the spiral plastics. They also have similar straight levers. Could it be that NS were making these pens for CS while the CS factory was closed for re-tooling?)

      Blue/black spiral* (Duro nib)
      Marbled green
      Marbled olive with red flecks
      Marbled light blue with gold incrustations*
      Yellow pearl/black/black veins* warranted nib, simple feed, shallow peaked top
      "Turquoise" = lapis with gold inclusions*, CS nib)
      Chased Black shallow top, stepped feed, warranted nib
      Green-Blue /black diagonal lines (spiral*) normal peaked top, plain feed CS nib
      Marbled black/blue, shallow top, stepped feed, CS nib
      (?) silver/black diagonal lines (spiral*) but with 1 band (no imprint) normal top CPT clip, old CS nib

256* The Conway Stewart: Flat knurled top, fixed clip, 1 narrow band, flange lever (refers to 256M)

      (Marbled?) Green
      256M Mottled Vulcanite (?-1932 SH)

266* The Conway Stewart: (1932-40 SH), BF, flat-top & ball clip = early; or peaked-top & diamond clip = late, no bands, black blind-cap. Nib CS 5 or 5A. Dimensions - length: 13.2cm; barrel+section: 10.8cm; cap: 5.7cm. (Original price 10/6)

Not seen

      Brown marble = marbled pinkish tortoiseshell/black cap?
      Marbled turquoise/grey/black veins


      Marbled Blue/black ball clip
      Marbled plum/black, ball clip
      Marbled aqua-green/ black veins* (diamond clip)


      Reversed cracked ice*, diamond clip
      Chased black, (for Roffey & Clark Ltd., Croyden, BR)
      Marbled burgundy/black veins
      Blue rock-face*
      Gold/brown* (Autumn leaves), (For Lyon of Glasgow, BR)
      Mottled Vulcanite (shallow peaked top)

270* The Conway Stewart: : (early 1920s?) Cap with roller-ball clip (US Pat 6-2-14 11-3-14 N Silver). No band, incised groove around cap near lip. Concave section, one notch on each side of feed (see No. 306). Barrel with straight lever & imprinted with The Conway Stewart (1st line), No.270 (2nd line), Made in England (3rd line). Warranted 14K nib No. 3. Dimensions - length: 13.2cm; barrel+section: 10.8cm; cap: 6cm.
     From Lambrou p. 176 "At first Garner & Jarvis simply bought wholesale, unmarked pens, which they then retailed and it may be possible that some of these first Conway Stewarts in fact originated in America". The roller ball clip is identical to the Wahl-Eversharp clip in size shape and position on the cap. According to Fischler & Schneider (p 192) the roller-ball clip patent was acquired from the Boston Fountain Pen Company in 1917). Conversely, Fultz (July 2000 personal communication), states that the patent on the roller-ball clip was issued to the Van Vulkenberg company which manufactured clips for most of the pen manufacturers. Sometimes these were marked with Van Vulkenberg, sometimes "VV", sometimes without maker but with a Patent date or number; sometimes with the name of the pen making customer. This seems to be one of the earlier Conway Stewart pens.

      Hard rubber Black. (Australia)

275* The Conway Stewart: (rolled gold) (c1938-40 SH) (WES '99) (Original price 35/-)

280* The Conway Stewart: (c1930s) (1920s -30s) Flat top-hat top, circumferential groove 10mm from cap lip, fixed clip not stepped, spatula lever, concave section, notched feed (very early). Flat 5-tiered knurled top, fixed clip, 2 bands proud, flange lever, Nib CS No.5. Dimensions - length: 13.1cm; barrel+section: 10.8cm; cap: 5.9cm (early). Flat top, diamond clip, 1 band, (late).

      Chased black (very early)
      Chased black (early)
      Cracked ice* (late)
      Black (late)

280M** The Conway Stewart: clip 2 bands. (SH) (Original price 13/6)

281* The Conway Stewart: (Early 1920s). Flat top, circumferential groove 10mm from cap lip, fixed clip, wide 15mm band on barrel, spatula lever. Concave section. Knotched feed. (Possibly for the Australian market). Nib CS1 early. Dimensions length: 13.4cm; barrel+section: 10.9cm; cap 5.9cm.

      Chased black Vulcanite

282* The Conway Stewart: (? -1933 SH) Original price 13/6

      Chased black, no clip, 2 wide bands on barrel,flange lever. imprint
      282M Mottled Vulcanite, Fixed clip, domed cap above five-tiered knurl, I medium band on cap, 2 medium bands on barrel, flanged lever. Length:13.7 cm.

285* The Conway Stewart:(c1930s), flat top, diamond clip, 1 cap band. Dimensions -length 12.5cm.

      Cracked ice, 1 band
      Reversed cracked ice, Diamond clip, 1 band
      Marbled green
      Marbled blue/black

286* The Conway Stewart: (c1930-1945), black flat top, fixed clip, flange lever with circular shield, 1 narrow cap band (proud), dotted underline on imprint (earliest); flat top, ball clip, round shield on lever, dotted underline on imprint (early); peaked top, diamond clip, diamond shield on lever, continuous underline on imprint (late). 1 cap band, bottom colored or black, nib CS 5, GPT. Dimensions - length: 12.9-13cm; barrel+section: 9.8-10.1-10.5cm; cap: 5.7-5.8cm. Barrels of the late models are not uniform in length and intermediate sizes exist.

Not assigned, not seen in original

      Grey/ blue veins
      Plum hatched
      Green marble ink visible barrel, black cap
      Red/black ink visible


      Green measles*
      286M Mottled HR, nib CS 5, (boxed with Conway No2 mottled HR pencil, 1930-50?) (Dimensions - length: 13.4cm; barrel+section: 10.9cm; cap: 6cm)

Early: (wider band) (Original price 12/6)

      Black (advert)
      Marbled grey-blue/black (schist) (long barrel, black bottom)

Late: (long barrel = 8.9cm, short barrel = 8.4cm)

Long barrel:

      Reversed cracked ice* (small number black bottom)
      Autumn leaves (Marbled rose & brown)
      Aqua green
      Green hatched
     Uniform Forest green (large number black bottom)
     Uniform Chocolate brown (=very deep burgundy) large number, black bottom)
     Marbled green/black small number black bottom) (Small & large number)
     Marbled burgundy, ink visible barrel (small number, black bottom)
     Marbled green, ink visible barrel (small number, green bottom, band added to cap)
     Cracked ice*, (small number, colored bottom)
     Cracked ice bandless
     Marbled claret (raspberry) (small number, black bottom)
     Marbled (burgundy) plum/black (small number black or colored bottom)
     Black (large number)
     Black (small number)
     Black broad band (large number)
     Blue rock-face* (small number, colored bottom)
     Blue rock face* (small number, black bottom)
     Marbled blue/black (small number, black bottom)
     Marbled blue/black (large number, black bottom)

Short barrel:

      Marbled light green/dark green (small number, colored bottom)
      Toffee swirl* (short cap, small number, black bottom)
      Marbled (burgundy) plum/black (small number, black bottom)