A book of Conway Stewart numbers - page 3

No. 100 IP. 100 No. 101 No. 102 No. 103 No. 105 No. 106 No. 106M 1P. 106 No. 107 No. 108 No. 109 No. 110 No. 112 No. 113 No. 115
No. 116 No. 120 No. 121 No. 122 No. 125 No. 126 No. 126M No. 128 No. 140 No. 148 No. 148a No. 150 No. 153 No. 153a No. 160 No. 175

Rarity: In this update I have attempted to classify the relative rarity of the models according to the number of times I have recorded them. Also where many different colours were made for the same model, I have shown which colours are less common and consequently more desirable.

* = 0 to 1 record * = 2 to 4 records * = 5 to 10 records * = above 10 records * = more desirable

100* Conway Stewart, (1954-58 SH) black only, diamond clip, black stud. Nib CS Duro 20. Dimensions - length: 13.7cm; barrel+section: 10.2cm; cap: 6.4cm. SPECIAL PRESENTATION BOX. And here's the IMPRINT.

      Black, one band long clip*
      Black, no bands*
      Black, 3 bands

100* Conway, Ink pencil: (1933-41 SH) BF, Flat black top & blind cap, no band, CPT or RG. With or without ballor diamond clip. "Improved self-adjusting needle". Dimensions - length: 13cm; barrel+section: 10.5m; cap: 5.7cm. (Original price 7/6)

      Marbled burgundy/black*, diamond clip (H.P. Pope Ltd., Birmingham)
      Marbled green/black*, ball clip, or RG diamond clip
      Marbled blue/black*, ball clip or CP diamond clip
      Marbled pink/brown
      Cracked ice*
      Reversed cracked ice*, ball clip

101* Pixie ink pencil, ED? (?-1933 SH) Black no trim

102* Conway Stewart Stylo (WES '99)

103* Conway: (1963-68 SH), Pressac, diamond clip, colored stud, brass pressure ring. Nib Conway 3L. (Available as shorthand). Dimensions - length: 13.6cm; barrel+section: 12cm; cap: 6.4cm. Matching no number pencil in #23 set. IMPRINT

Pull-off self-color cap and section, one 3mm wide band

      Maroon boxed with no number pencil in #23 writing set
      Pastel green

Durosheen cap

      Dark blue

105* Conway Stewart Stylo (WES '99)


106* Conway: (1959-68 SH) Pressac filler, hooded section, brass clutch ring; nib CS 6R. Dimensions - length: 13.5cm; barrel+section: 11.4cm; cap: 6.4cm. (Matching pencils 42, 43, 50, matching ball pen 90, 91). (WES No. 50 '97) IMPRINT
     a) Original price 15/- = Self color cap, black stud, diamond washer clip, pull-off cap, 1 medium band.
     b) Gold coloured pull-off cap, diamond washer clip, gold-coloured stud.
     c) Original price 17/6 = anodized (matte or frosted) cap, tapering fixed clip with CS logo, domed top.
     d) Latest = brassy cap, clip slightly widening, no logo, machined peaked top)

a) self-color cap

      Dark green
      Duck-egg blue

b) Shiny gold colored cap with washer clip & CS logo & gold colour stud

      Blue barrel
      Green barrel
      Maroon barrel

c) anodized cap

      Mid-Green barrel
      Blue barrel
      Maroon barrel
      Black barrel
      Grey barrel

c) Brassy cap

      Maroon barrel

106M* (1959-68 SH) Durosheen cap, and matching pencil Conway 50.

      Black (with ball-point pen)

106* Conway Ink pencil: : (1933-41 SH) BF, no bands, black blind-cap, GPT; Flat-top, ball clip = early; peaked-top, diamond clip = late. Dimensions - length: 12.8cm; barrel+section: 10.3cm; cap: 5.5cm. (Original price 8/6)

      Marbled green/black veins, diamond clip; flat-top ball clip
      Chased black
      Autumn leaves
      Cracked ice
      Marbled blue/black diamond clip, ball clip, diamond clip
      Marbled plum/black

107* Conway: (c1963-1968 SH), Pull-off engine-turned gold-coloured cap with sets of 5 parallel grooves like Parker 51 "Custom", diamond clip, metal stud = earlier. White metal (aluminium?) cap with straight narrow fixed clip and stud-shaped top = later, White metal (aluminium?) cap with straight narrower fixed clip and angled cut-off top = even later. Pressac filler with brass pressure-band and tapered coloured section. Nib C 7. Dimensions - length: 13.2cm; barrel+section: 10.1cm; cap: 5.5cm. (Matching pencil Conway 58 or no number). IMPRINT


      Green (metal satin finish = anodised? cap)
      Pale green



Even Later

      Duck-egg Blue

108* Conway Stewart Stylo (WES '99)


109* Conway Ink pencil: peaked top, diamond clip, no bands (possibly export version of 110). Dimensions - length: 12.6cm; barrel+section: 10.2cm; cap: 5.5cm.

      Marbled red, (Australia)
      Marbled deep green ball clip, flat-top
      Marbled green flat-top ball clip.( Australia)
      Mottled Vulcanite (Australia)

110* Conway ink pencil: (1946-? SH) clip no bands

112* The Pixie ink pencil: ED, (?-1933 SH) no trim. . Dimensions - length: 10cm; barrel+taper: 9.5cm; cap: 4.5cm. Here's a BOX

      Tan = red Vulcanite with barley design. Here's the imprint.

113* The Pixie ink pencil: (?-1933 SH) No bands

      Mottled Vulcanite, flange lever(?), fixed clip. Flat knurled top. Dimensions ??
      113M ED, no clip. Slip-on cap, shallow domed knurled top. Dimensions - length: 10.4cm; barrel+section: 9.9cm; cap: 5.5cm. IMPRINT

115* Conway Stewart: : (c1954 SH), ink pencil, lever, diamond clip, no or 1 band GPT. Or nib pen (CS3) as above, possibly export model of the Conway Stewart 85 GPT, 1 narrow band, diamond clip, brass stud., Dimensions - length: 12.9cm; barrel+section: 9.8cm; cap: 6cm.

      Scarlet & black
      Marbled light blue/dark blue gold nib
      Marbled light blue/dark blue needle nib
      Marbled green no band
      Marbled green 1 band ink pencil (Australia)
      Marbled brilliant green 1 band
      Marbled burgundy 1 band

116* The Conway Stewart ink pencil: (c1952-1955 SH), peaked top, diamond clip, no band GPT. Dimensions - length: 13cm; barrel+section: 10.5cm; cap: 5.8cm. IMPRINT

      Toffee swirl, black cap

120* Dinkie Ink pencil: (?-1933 SH) Nearly flat top no clip no bands no knurls. Large lollipop lever.

      120M Mottled Vulcanite and here's the IMPRINT

121* Conway Ink Pencil: (?-c1938 SH), flat knurled top, flange lever, no band, screw cap. Later: Flat-top no knurls, lollipop lever. Dimensions - length: 11cm; barrel+section: 8.5cm; cap: 5.5cm.

      121M Mottled Vulcanite
      Chased black Early
      Chased black Later IMPRINT

122* Conway ink pencil, BF, ball clip 2 bands.

      Marbled blue/black

122M* Conway Ink Pencil: 5 tiered knurled shallow domed top, no clip, 2 bands, flange lever. Dimensions - length: 13cm; barrel + section: 10.6cm; cap: 5.7m.

      Mottled Vulcanite and here's the IMPRINT

125* Conway ink pencil: (c1923-1942) Earliest: Slightly domed top, fixed clip, no band, long flanged lever with large shield. Later: very slightly domed top, ball clip, no band, short flanged lever with smaller shield. Latest: Flat top, ball or diamond clip, no band, standard lever with small shield. Dimensions - length: 11.1cm; barrel +section: 9cm; cap: 5.3cm. Original prices 5/6 to 7/6. IMPRINT And here's a "Display Card"

      Marbled blue/black
      Marbled green with brick inclusions (latest)
      Burnished copper/black (latest)
      Black and grey pearl
      Peacock plumage
      Chased black latest
      Mottled Vulcanite lever CPT

126* Conway ink pencil: (c1923-1942) Earliest: Slightly domed top, fixed clip, no band, long flanged lever with large shield. Later: very slightly domed top, ball clip, no band, short flanged lever with smaller shield. Latest: Flat top, or peaked top, diamond clip, no band, standard lever with small shield. Dimensions - length: 11.1cm; barrel + section: 9cm; cap: 5.3cm. Original price 8/6. Here is an ink-pencil box.

      Green with brown flecks and veins


      Chased black


      Chased black, no clip, (boxed) "Brittens" 77 High St Birmingham
      Burnished copper/black
      Chased black
      Blue with copper black and gold inclusions
      Marbled slate blue/black

126M* Conway ink pencil (1930-1942 SH) fixed clip, flange lever, no bands, later - washer clip, lollipop lever. Dimensions - length: 11 cm; barrel + section: 10cm; cap: 5.6cm.

      Mottled Vulcanite

128* Conway ink pencil, fixed clip, flat knurled top, screw cap, flange lever, 1 band. Dimensions - length: 11cm; barrel+section: 8.9cm; cap: 5.5cm. IMPRINT

      Chased black

140* Scribe (late 30's): Peaked top, ball clip, CPT straight lever. Dimensions - length: 11.9cm; barrel+section: 9.5cm; cap: 5.7cm.

      Raspberry/black swirl. Here's the imprint.

148* The Conway Stewart Ink Pencil (WES '99)

148* Imperial ink pencil (?-1932 SH)

150* Conway: (1963-1968 SH), RGT, diamond clip, 1 narrow band, self colour cap, section & stud. Also (Later) with Conway imprinted on straight ended clip, and with brass stud and cowling. Barrel, rounded bottom, pressac filler. Nib C 1A. Dimensions - length: 11cm; barrel+section: 9cm; cap: 5.2cm. (Replaced #15 and #12, matching pencil #55?).

      MaroonEarlier - diamond clip
      Maroon Later - straight clip
      Dark Green
      Light pastel green


      Sky blue

153* The Conway Stewart Ink Pencil (WES '99)

153* Imperial ink pencil (?-1932 SH)

160* The Conway: ball pen (WES '99)

175* The Conway Stewart (c1938-40) rolled gold, (SH)