A Book of Conway Stewart numbers - page 12

Custom pens & pencils by Conway Stewart

Some pens and pencils are imprinted with a trade name plus a retailer's address, others bear only the retailer's name and address. Some have only the trade name such as "Empire" or "Oxo". Some have no Conway Stewart imprint, but all have some feature that identifies their origin, such as CS nibs or clips or levers. In this list, when the Conway Stewart imprint is present, the pen is marked CS plus the serial number in brackets

Alphabetical list according to retailer

      J. Ballantyne & Son Paisley (CS 266 Aqua-green)
      Bainbridge & co Newcastle upon Tyne. The Novocastrian Pen (Marbled blue looks like 479)
      The Bank Self-filling pen. Rixon & Arnold Ltd, 12 Queen St E.C (CS 470M Mottled Vulcanite)
      Barnsley Express, Black, (thread at end of barrel for cap)
      Barnsley Express, Black, as above but with green glass nib.
      The Belfast Ropework Co. Ltd. (Plum pencil equivalent to Nippy 3).
      Bon Marche Gloucester Ltd (479)
      Boots Stationary Dept. (CS 479, CS 720)
      "Brittens" 77 High St Birmingham (CS 126 ink pencil, CS 226)
      British Insulated Calender's Construction Co. Ltd. (Plum pencilequivalent to Nippy 3).
      Burgis & Colbourne, Leamington Spa. (Duro 30 Cracked ice early)
      (The) Clubman Pen. Mottled HR, No. 3391. CS. Pat: 235447
      Combridge, BirminghamAnother Combridge
      W.S. Cowell Ltd., Ipswich ("Gyppeswyck" ) (CS 336)
      W.S. Cowell of Ipswich (The Constable) (CS 475)
      Devon Express. Mottled HR, Devon Express W.C. & S.E.
      Robert Dinwiddie, Dumfries, 700 Black, "Queen of the South" Pen (like CS 700 PF IV)
      Double Diamond Ball point.
      The Empire Pen. Numbers: 25, 41, 46, 102, 107, 411 (Boy Scout), 611.
      W.H. England & Co., Hull, "The Grosvenor"
      Fenwick Ltd., Newcastle on Tyne (The Brunswick De Luxe Pen)
      Fox Convention Mottled HR,
      J.J. Gillingham & Son. Cheltenham, The "Write Easy Pen" 479 Marbled plum/black veins
      Gouldens, Canterbury & Dover (The Jackdaw Pen) nos. 3, 18.
      Grant and Son, Edinborough,R. (The Castle) (470M)
      Guinness, (CS Nippy 3) with gold imprint "Lovely day for a Guinness".
      Guinness, (CS Nippy 3) with gold imprint "Guinness is good for you".
      W.G. Hall West Bromwich, The "Throstle" Pen (= CS 336)
      Harley & Cox, Dundee (CS 300)
      Harrods Ltd., ("The Grenville") Chased black
      W.C. Henderson & Son Ltd. St Andrews (CS 226, 479) The University Pen
      F.R. Hockliffe, Bedford (CS 312), (CS 336)
      Hope's Pen Corner Birmingham, (CS 466 Black)
      Hopkins & Sons Ltd., Electrical Engineers, London (CS 479)
      The International Stores Ballina Marbled raspberry/black (CS 479)
      Jarrold's Empire Pen
      Jarrold & Sons Ltd., Cambridge (The Granta Pen) (CS 475)
      "Jarrold's Borrow": Mottled Vulcanite
      H.A. Jepson Ltd. Hastings. (Duro RHR)
      W. Mark & Co. Ltd. Northampton (CS 356)
      A. Megson & Son Ltd., Manchester, The Mosley Pen
      Junior Mirror (c1950 (Reportedly given away as advert)
      Junior, C.S.S.A. (Chased black)
      W.M. Kidd & Sons Ltd. Dundee, (The Thistle Pen) (CS 479)
      Lancashire Dynamo & Crypto Ltd. Royal blue with swiveling brass date mechanism on top, brass tip (CS patents: 309003, 331271, 337963 & pending).
      Lane's Library, Herne Bay & Broadstairs, "The Invicta Pen"
      L & Y Stationary Co. Ltd. Leeds. Landy Leverpen
      Lyon Ltd Glasgow ("Graduate Pen") Chased black
      Lyon of Glasgow, (CS 266)
      Lyon of Glasgow (CS 476) GlenLyon Pen, Green/black mottled ball clip,)
      Mark & Co Ltd., Northampton (Black 356)
      Mawson Swan & Morgan Ltd., Newcastle on Tyne, "The MSM Pen" Harlequin
      Mawson Swan & Morgan Ltd., Newcastle on Tyne. "The MSM Pen" (=CS470M) Mottled Vulcanite
      May & Baker Ltd. (CS 57)
      Megson & Sons Ltd., , Manchester, The Mosely Pen"
      Midland Bank Ltd. (CS 219)
      Morgan & Higgs, Swansea & Llanelli (CS 479)
      Motherwell Bridge & Engineering Co. Ltd., (Black CS 27)
      Morison Bros., Glasgow, The Empire Pen (41)
      Mudie's Scholar Pen, 115 Bond Street, London W.1.
      "The Nesco Pen"The NE of Sch Furn Co. Ltd., of Newcastle on Tyne, Chased black Vulcanite (CS 479)
      N.U.R. (National Union of Railwaymen?) imprinted on chased black custom pen
      Oxo Chased Black
      Paul and Mathew, Dundee, (CS 479 Marbled bottle green, ball clip)
      Compliments of The Perth Garage Limited" (Chased B Vulcanite)
      H P Pope Ltd., Birmingham (CS 100 ink pencil) (CS 300M) (CS 266 mottled HR)
      Pope's Pen Corner, Birmingham CS 466 "Universal" Black
      T.J. Powell & Co., Bournemouth, "The Ultimate Pen"
      P.S. & N. Ltd., Liverpool: The Bantam Pen
      Richardson's, St Albans (CS 458)
      Roffey & Clark Ltd., Croyden 100 ink pencil, 266 Chased black
      Rose & Co., Southampton: CS 93 Ink pencil, CS 475, CS 475 "The Rose" - Toffee swirl, CS 200 chased black.
      M.A. Rudd & Son, Exeter (CS 475 Moss agate)
      Scholastic Trading Company Ltd. Bristol (Chased Black, CS nib and lever, no clip, "Popular")
      Scholastic Trading Company Ltd. Bristol (CS 479M)
      The "Somerset" Lever Pen (1930s). Selfridge, London, no band, CP lollipop lever. Chased black, no clip. Fixed clip
      Selfridge London (CS 200M)
      W.H. Smith (No. 1 Duro)
      W.H. Smith, The Seal Pen (Custom pen for W.H. Smith - possibly not all Seal pens made by CS
      W.H. Smith & Son Ltd Bournemouth (CS 206M, CS 770M Mottled Vulcanite, CS 479 Chased black).
      W.H. Smith & Son, Middlesborough (The "Borough" pen) (CS 70)
      W.H. Smith & Son, Ltd., Worthing ("The Tudor Pen" (CS 476, CS 479, CS 479M)
      W.H. Smith & Son, Ltd Richmond ("The Richmond") (CS 475)
      W.H. Smith & Son, Salsebury, (CS 336 prime-evil slime)
      W.H. Smith & Son Ltd., Harrogate, (CS 479 ("The Fontibus pen") Marbled bottle green, ball clip)
      W.H. Smith & Son, Ltd.,Earls Court Rd SW5 ("The Quality Pen") (=CS475)
      F.G. Thomas, Lever self-filling pen 24 Angel St & 25 Surrey St. Shefield. And here's another one in mottled vulcanite for what its worth!
      Fred A. Trinder The Cicester Pen. Cirencester. (Black 479)
      Tuttills Ltd., Manchester (With Black 330 propeller lever)
      J. Webster Veare, Westcliffe on Sea. The Vearine Pen. 750M Mottled Vulcanite, Warranted 2 nib
      W.B. Walker, Shrewsbury "The County Pen"
      A. & S. Walker, Manchester (81 ink pencil)
      Warren & Son, Chester, (CS 356)
      Wheatley, Dyson & Son Huddersfield ("New Perfection" Marbled green (similar to 388) Marbled blue (similar to 475)
      Wheaton &Co Ltd., Exeter, (CS 204, CS 466M, CS 820M)
      W. Whittington, Neath The Conway Pen, Mottled HR, (CS 468M)
      (The) Woodall-Duckham Vertical Retort & Oven Construction Company 1920 Ltd. Predominantly green
      Wood & Son, Perth, "The Academy pen".
      W.S.C. (=West Sussex Constabulary?) "The Constable" Chased black