Conway Stewart levers

As with the clips, so too the levers are indicative of the date of manufacture. In my opinion, all pens with straight levers (except for the 240 series of the 1940s and the 140 Scribe shown here) were made before 1920. Some are clearly of American manufacture, while later ones belong to pens definitely made by Conway Stewart. All later lever fillers have a lollipop end with the CS logo on it.

Fig. 1: Spatula lever - U.S. made.
Fig. 2: Straight lever, definitely Conway Stewart pre 1920 - the chasing is also typical CS.
Fig. 3: American - this is one with the imprint on the cap.
Fig. 4: Although spatula lever, I think this is Conway Stewart made.
Fig. 5: This is the Scribe 140. A very atypical conway stewart pen from world war 2 days.
Fig. 6: A magnificent No. 240 pen with straight lever, in plastic end-stock of pens probably made for "Gold Starry"
Fig. 7: Patented flange lever from the 1920's.
Fig. 8: Later flange lever casein pens had larger lollipop logos
Fig. 9: The flange was designed to prevent the lever from inadvertently opening while inside the pocket with catastrophic results.
Fig. 10: After the flange lever the lever itself was very thin with the large lollipop retained.
Fig. 11: This is just to show the beautiful "grey-jazz" casein design.
Fig. 12: With time the size of the lollipop and the logo became reduced.
Fig. 13: This is an early 336 Scribe with very small logo on large lollipop.
Fig. 14: Only a few models (this is a No. 458) have encased levers like the Waterman levers.
Fig. 15: This is a typical lever from the 1930's with round logo.
Fig. 16: And this is a typical lever from the 40's and 50's with a diamond shaped logo.
Fig. 17: This is a lever found on some Scribes (330, 336). The lollipop has a propeller design. It might have been used when CS logo levers were lacking.
Fig. 18: This lever has a WH Smith logo. It is definitely a CS lever in spite of its shape.
Fig. 19: This is the logo on the Empire pen lever. Is it CS?
Fig. 20: The 4-leaf clover logo is on many Rosemary pens like this one.